Blog | April 30, 2014

Webdam Launches Dynamic Templates with PrintUI Web-to-Print Integration

by Preeti Upadhyaya in Digital Asset Management, Webdam Updates

Recently, we launched a very exciting new feature for Webdam users called Dynamic Templates, which enable self-service marketing fulfillment by virtually anyone, anywhere.

We all know that marketing collateral is most effective when it’s customized towards your target audience. But it’s not always easy to whip up a unique design for a specific customer in seconds without calling on your design team. With Webdam’s easy-to-use Dynamic Templates, tailoring marketing materials is a breeze for anyone – no design skills required.

To support this functionality, Webdam is proud to partner with PrintUI, an award-winning web-to-print cloud-based service that provides convenience, creative flexibility and brand control for organizations. PrintUI’s technology within Webdam enables organizations to customize pre-existing marketing materials for different purposes, regions and languages, ensuring global brand management.

Using Dynamic Templates, marketing teams can create, upload and select InDesign assets that can be editable by global teams — materials like catalogs, brochures, business cards, datasheets, ads, presentations, and more. They can also specify how assets are customized to maintain complete brand consistency.

“At Webdam, our foremost goal is to provide best-in-breed cloud technology to enterprise marketing teams. This is why we chose to partner with PrintUI,” said Steve Rabkin, CTO of Webdam. “By offering PrintUI’s web-to-print capabilities, Webdam users benefit from powerful InDesign technology within a seamless user experience.”

To learn more or add the Dynamic Templates feature to an existing Webdam account, contact us today.


About PrintUI:

PrintUI uses a highly scalable and secure web-hosted (SaaS) solution for a managed web-to-print workflow. It uses a full Adobe online InDesign workflow for template creation and management. This is coupled with PrintUI’s online InDesign-based server as the composition engine for generating a wide range of branded materials.

An authorized brand designer, using Adobe InDesign with a PrintUI plugin, easily creates templates PrintUI provides clients and branded front-end for online customization of InDesign templates for things such as retail signs, banner and print advertisements, personalized stationary, invitations, business cards, restaurant menus and more.

PrintUI’s service can be integrated into a corporate asset editing system as well.

Learn more about PrintUI here.

Click here for a demo of Dynamic Templates.