The road to “wow.”

Creative teams are fighting a decade-long uphill battle. The growing demand for marketing content puts them under pressure to produce more work, faster. Teams are overworked, focusing on deadlines instead of creativity and delivering work that’s “ok” but doesn’t “wow.”

Partners, agencies and specialists are added to the creative process to fill in the gaps and help with the growing need for specialized content, but this makes workflows even more chaotic: More people are vying to be heard, teams end up with conflicting information and no one is sure which direction to follow. Confusion reigns, causing more rework, more review cycles and more missed deadlines.

Many creative teams are turning to technology for help but quickly discovering that traditional project management software comes up short. These platforms beat sticky notes and emails, of course, but lack the tools critical to supporting creative workflows.

To consistently deliver stellar work, creative teams need to create consistent processes, streamline feedback and reviews and build a system of record that allows them to identify and replicate successful projects. They need project management for creatives.

A foundation for creative mastery.

Get everyone on the same page.

Workstream gives all of your stakeholders a seat at the table, helping to build consensus and eliminate chaos.

Compile input with configurable creative briefs that to start projects off on the right foot. Use collaboration tools to keep digital assets at the center of discussion. Share status updates, assign tasks, discuss asset elements and keep everyone aligned. And with precision proofing, you can zoom in on even the finest details to provide clear, actionable feedback or use side-by-side version comparisons to track evolving projects.

Move forward, faster.

Workstream helps you ramp up productivity, hit deadlines and stay on top of projects.

Remove bottlenecks from approval cycles – with automated approval routing, teams can configure approval paths that ensure reviewers act. If a reviewer is unavailable, projects can be automatically escalated to the next reviewer in line. Built-in integrations with creative tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud push information directly to designers, letting them work with less disruption. And when you find yourself working on the go, full-feature mobile access makes it easy to continue to get things done.

Build the ideal workflow.

Workstream allows you to follow a project every step of the way. Gain visibility into progress and increase transparency with anytime access to current projects and stay up to date on project status with real-time alerts and notifications. With Workstream, you build a system of record that documents project requests, approvals, revisions and feedback – making it easy to track and optimize your creative development processes.

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