Software-as-a-Service Cloud Solutions for All Brands

Maintaining a consistent brand message across all channels is not only important, it’s vital to the ongoing success of your business. Having a system in place to efficiently house all of your important company files for direct access across a team of individuals can significantly expedite collaboration. Timing is another key element for proper brand management. That’s where the Webdam platform comes in. Our solutions are hosted securely in the cloud for 24/7 global access. With Software-as-a-Service cloud solutions from Webdam, you can optimize your marketing workflows for all your creative campaigns. Many times, with solutions that are solely file-hosting platforms like FTP, limitations prevent a steady workflow for large companies and teams.

Timely, Tactical Brand Management

Information is digested and repurposed instantaneously. Taking advantage of the most recent trends requires organization and positioning. By having these vital mechanisms in place, creative and marketing departments are able to react to changes on the spot while still continuing a steady stream of productivity. This ensures that all the components of a project are always moving forward. Cloud solutions allow teams to work fast and always be on the latest software without worrying about system updates and downtime – avoiding inconvenient bottlenecks.

Organization of Important Assets for Quick Retrieval

Solutions that incorporate cloud-based file storage are only effective if they’re easy to use. Being able to host a large quantity of files is only useful if the method of interaction is also simple. The user interface needs to be optimized for easy navigation so a team member can find the materials they need at a moment’s notice. With Webdam, a Software-as-a-Service application, powerful search features and intuitive folder structures provide lightning-fast turnaround when users need to find files.

Real-Time Tracking Across the Globe

Control over important brand materials can be the difference between a successful brand image and a disastrous one. Having the ability to monitor usage in real-time and track interaction is an invaluable feature of Webdam’s cloud-based platform. Your company can keep a close eye on its most important materials and ensure that they’re being handled delicately. If you’d like to see how Webdam can revolutionize your company’s data management needs, sign up for a free demo.

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