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Brand Connect

Dynamic Brand Management
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Free to roam but always true to the mission.

Your brand is your most valuable asset. But it’s also your most fragile due to its growing number of environments and people with a hand in shaping and sharing it.

Brand Connect is the dynamic brand management platform that centralizes approved content with adaptable brand guidelines and distribution controls, ensuring your brand stays on strategy regardless of where it goes and who works on it.

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Popular Features

Keep your team in sync and your message on point.

Brand Portal

Branded portal provides a home for brand guidelines and other marketing materials.

Brand Guidelines

Easy-to-update digital brand guidelines maintain the consistency of your brand.

Social Tools

Surface the most useful assets while aiding in asset discovery and engagement.

Brand Portal

Webdam drag-and-drop templates make it easy for anyone in your organization to build a branded portal for easy sharing of updates and promotion of new content. Multiple portals can be used to communicate with various audiences or support varying business objectives. Use your portal to distribute brand guidelines, brand assets like logos and fonts and other approved materials that extend the value of your brand.

Brand Guidelines

While brands are built to be recognizable, that doesn’t mean they’re static. Brand Connect enables to you build and publish digital brand guidelines that are easily updated to reflect the nuanced changes that occur in almost every brand. Your updates are reflected in real time so users always have the latest, most up-to-date guidance.

Social Tools

Brand Connect helps you extract more value by increasing engagement with and capturing feedback on the assets you’ve invested in. The commenting feature shows you how content is being used and how it performs, while “likes” surface the most useful or popular assets.

Granular Permissions

Easily configure access rights and permissions for different groups, teams, individual users or your entire organization. Control access and keep files safe by designating which assets each user can view, download or upload.

Dynamic Templates

Dynamic Templates enable you to customize or localize your marketing materials for different audiences or regions while maintaining brand consistency. Users with or without design skills can easily personalize presentations, business cards, brochures and countless other materials.

Granular Permissions

Control access to and use of content.

Dynamic Templates

Localize or customize marketing materials for different audiences.

Faceted Search

Use attributes like metadata, file type or keywords to find files fast.

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