SAN MATEO, CA, Jan. 25, 2012 – Webdam Solutions, the leader in digital asset management (DAM) in the cloud, today announced the public release of its REST API. Known for revolutionizing the way marketing and creative teams manage, control, archive, search and share digital files, Webdam is proud to publicly offer this API to its customers and developers.

“As a cloud-based platform, Webdam has always been focused on making it extremely easy for marketing and communications teams to manage and share creative collateral. The Webdam API takes that a step further,” says Steve Rabkin, CEO and Co-Founder of Webdam. “Our team spent a significant amount of time ensuring our API and Webdam platform allows customers to quickly accomplish things that were once impossible. The API closely follows REST principles to ensure that it’s easy to use, flexible, and reliable. We are excited to see what our customers and outside developers do with it.”

With the REST API, developers can extend digital asset management functionality by repurposing metadata and assets residing in Webdam or leveraging assets and metadata in a bevy of other systems. Integrating Webdam into other business systems has the potential to generate exception value for creative teams. Photos, artwork, sales presentations, videos and audio files can all now be professionally managed while seamlessly accessed by systems such as web content management (WCM), content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, customer relationship management (CRM) like, content sharing and storage systems like, project management systems and more. The possibilities are now endless. Whether for internal use or public-facing plug-ins and extensions, this API allows developers to streamline creative workflows and customize systems, harnessing the power of Webdam into a more specific purpose.

“Utilizing Webdam’s API is allowing us to extend the product to integrate with our existing production environment while still taking advantage of all the features Webdam has to offer. A win, win for all stakeholders involved.” said Dan Hoffman, Director, Web Services & Systems Development at American College of Physicians.

Over the past year, working with customers across industries such as high-tech, higher education, manufacturing and non-profit, Webdam developed and tested the API to fulfill both common and unique integration needs. The public launch of the REST API now allows access to everyone, creating limitless possibilities of how Webdam can work with other applications.

“We are very excited to use the Webdam API to create an automated and seamless environment between managing our media files in Webdam and running our interactive USEF Network website,” said customer Kathy Knill Meyer, Sr. Vice President of Marketing and Communications at the United States Equestrian Federation. “As a National Governing Body by virtue of Congressional legislation for Olympic Sports, USEF is constantly growing with more and more images and videos from the equestrian community. Webdam has allowed us to easily grow by providing features that increase efficiency and put us at the forefront of technology.”

Whether through a plugin or hooking an internal application, Webdam’s functions and features will now go much further – the extent of that depends only on the imagination of the developers using the REST API. The Webdam API is now available to all Webdam customers as an add-on subscription. To learn more about the API, including access to the REST API documentation and free webinars, go to

About Webdam Solutions 
Webdam Solutions is a leader in digital asset management, revolutionizing the way companies manage and share digital media. Our flagship application, Webdam, provides marketing and creative teams with online tools for managing, sharing, searching, retrieving, and distributing creative collateral in the cloud. Webdam has been implemented across industries such as higher education, nonprofit, high-tech, healthcare, travel and tourism, manufacturing and government. For more information, visit