SAN MATEO, CA, July 15, 2013 – Webdam Solutions, the leading provider of cloud-based digital asset management (DAM), today unveiled several new innovations to the Webdam platform, again setting a standard in user experience for connecting brands, creative files, and teams. A subscription-based offering, Webdam empowers the world’s best brands by providing a centralized cloud-based platform for finding, sharing, collaborating, controlling, managing, and distributing creative files such as graphics, marketing collateral, images, logos, videos, presentations and audio files.

In this latest release, the company introduced an intuitive analytics and reporting dashboard, a sleek new administrative interface with drag and drop functionality, an embedded Web CMS for delivering custom web pages and serving unique content and a redesigned multimedia module which includes enhanced transcoding capability and a dynamic context-aware Flash/HTML5 Smart Player for viewing videos on any device. Consistent with company’s last major releases, these features pack innovation across a new HTML5 and jQuery framework — providing forward-thinking design, user experience, and lightning-fast performance.

In this release, Webdam continues differentiation and momentum as the industry leader in the consumerization of powerful enterprise-level technology. The new features and redesigned Admin UI provide a radically simple, yet flexible way for organizations to improve brand management, collaboration, and accelerate workflows amongst creative and marketing professionals across the globe.

Highlights of This Release:

  • REDESIGNED ADMIN INTERFACE – Built on an HTML5 and jQuery framework, the sleek new interface, complete with drag and drop functionality throughout, allows users quick access to find and manage content in seconds.
  • ANALYTICS & REPORTING DASHBOARD – Admins now have direct access to an intuitive, customizable, and visually-pleasing real-time analytics dashboard paired with enhanced reporting functionality, providing complete visibility into system usage trends such as digital asset uploads, downloads, requests, storage and more.
  • WEB CMS FUNCTIONALITY – Webdam now includes full-fledged WCMS capabilities allowing admins to deliver custom web pages, such as brand or usage guidelines, directly from within the DAM. WCMS functionality includes a powerful yet easy WYSIWYG interface for web page creation without any coding experience required. Web pages can be published directly and instantly to the Webdam Brand Portal for access by end users across the globe.
  • ENHANCED MULTIMEDIA MODULE – Users can upload videos once and let Webdam take care of the encoding for different platforms and devices such as iPad, iPhone, TV, Web, YouTube, etc. Now with fully customizable and standard encoding presets, users can save time and download videos for an ecosystem of devices and standards like HD. In one simple step, users can also publish and stream video instantly to other web properties, regardless of the device that is being used for viewing. The new enhanced multimedia module includes a HTML5/Flash Smart Player that has seamless device detection, mobile-ready encoding, and automatically detects the type of device that is being used for viewing, then automatically deploys the best format for the user’s experience.

“With the advancements in the digital world, creative teams have been forced to completely rethink how they work together, grow and control their brand, and produce materials faster than ever to stay competitive,” said Jody Vandergriff, President and Co-founder of Webdam. “We are constantly striving to provide the best user experience to get the job done. This release is another example of how we have been able to take difficult challenges and makes them beautifully easy for end users and the enterprise — no training required.”

About Webdam Solutions 
Webdam Solutions is a leader in digital asset management, revolutionizing the way companies manage and share digital media. Our flagship application, Webdam, provides marketing and creative teams with online tools for managing, sharing, searching, retrieving, and distributing creative collateral in the cloud. Webdam has been implemented across industries such as higher education, nonprofit, high-tech, healthcare, travel and tourism, manufacturing and government. For more information, visit