SAN MATEO, CA, Aug. 27, 2012 – Webdam Solutions, the leading provider of cloud-based digital asset management (DAM), today announced that LearningRx, the leading network of brain training centers, successfully deployed Webdam simultaneously for 80+ franchises – to centralize, store, and share marketing materials for superior brand management.

LearningRx implemented Webdam for the access and distribution of marketing files between their main headquarters and nation-wide franchises.  Prior to having a cloud-based DAM, all franchises were confined by the time-consuming process of manually requesting materials and waiting for them in the mail. This process consumed so much time that when the delivery was received, most materials were already outdated.  Webdam facilitates a faster, automated, and more convenient way for LearningRx to provide marketing materials to all teams, preventing any issues with obsolete materials, brand inconsistency, and the inability to access business-critical collateral.

LearningRx conducted a comprehensive analysis of DAM solutions and selected Webdam because of its intuitive usability, fast search, customizable permissions, and great support.  In addition, LearningRx wanted to provide users with thumbnail previews of all files, customizable metadata and taxonomy, download flexibility, access control, and robust folder structure management.  Webdam was the solution that best met their needs.

“Using Webdam has been and continues to be a great experience!” says LearningRx’s Marketing Technology Specialist Brent White.   “Webdam has been extremely helpful with any questions we have had.  The level of customer service certainly sets the bar high.”

“We are excited to see great organizations like LearningRx benefit from Webdam with improved workflows and stronger team collaboration,” says Leigh Ann Ledford, Lead Customer Success Manager at Webdam solutions. “Webdam is committed to providing the best DAM technology and support so that companies succeed and enjoy the customer experience.”

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