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WebDAM Unveils Creative Automation & Superior Presentation Management

WebDAM Unveils Creative Automation & Superior Presentation Management

SAN MATEO, CA, Sept. 6, 2012 – WebDAM Solutions, the leading provider of cloud-based digital asset management (DAM), today launched powerful features that increase efficiency for marketing and creative professionals and streamline companywide productivity for PowerPoint users. WebDAM will be hosting a free webinar on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at 10:00am – 10:30am PT, showcasing new features and the value of automation and presentation management.

WebDAM recognizes that presentations have become a top communications tool for most companies — driving millions of professionals and shaping organizations worldwide. Sales teams rely on PowerPoint presentations in boardrooms, events, impromptu opportunities from their tablet, and more. Simultaneously, marketing teams use presentations to educate the community on product value while company managers present strategic plans and project objectives to each other. PowerPoint files are essential brand assets for organizations.

Today, professionals can now centralize, control, catalog, share, and play all of their PowerPoint presentation files using WebDAM. As usual, users will have anytime-anywhere access to their files from any web device. But now, in situations when a meeting room or projector are not available, like at conferences, medical offices, or on a trade-show floor, people can easily pull out an iPad or laptop and begin presenting without hesitation — straight from WebDAM.

“With all the innovative features WebDAM is constantly releasing, PowerPoint management has to be one of the most exciting features for me personally,” says Ron Selvey, Director of Marketing at WebDAM. “As a Director of Marketing and presentation nerd, I know how much work, time and money can go into preparing high-quality PowerPoint slide decks. It’s essential to be able to quickly find, repurpose, and share presentation assets. These new features will bring substantial value to our customers.”

This WebDAM release also brings powerful features to marketing and design teams to streamline creative tasks. WebDAM now gives users the power to individually download or batch download files in the format they desire. WebDAM handles the conversion process. Users can select the format, resolution, dimensions, and color space upon download, and WebDAM will automatically convert the file(s). Teams no longer have to go through extra steps using third-party software just to convert file formats.

Download settings can be configurable or fixed in order to standardize what format types are downloaded by teams. No longer, do all DAM users have to be knowledgeable about what type of file they should use. For instance, the administrator can setup download presets and label them print, website, email, or anything they desire. The user then just selects the format based on their intended use. It saves time and reduces the margin of error. Like all features in WebDAM, the user experience has been optimized for quick adoption and no training.

Summary of New Features:

PowerPoint Presentation Management

Creative Automation

Join us for a free webinar about these new features on Tuesday September 11, 2012 at 10:00am – 10:30am PT. Leigh Ann Ledford, lead Customer Success Manager at WebDAM will do a guided walk-through of these new features for admins, users, and all DAM professionals. Register today, space is limited:

About WebDAM Solutions WebDAM Solutions is a leader in digital asset management, revolutionizing the way companies manage and share digital media. Our flagship application, WebDAM, provides marketing and creative teams with online tools for managing, sharing, searching, retrieving, and distributing creative collateral in the cloud. WebDAM has been implemented across industries such as higher education, nonprofit, high-tech, healthcare, travel and tourism, manufacturing and government. For more information, visit