After 5 years of research, Smudge Laboratories learned that customers demand realistic, intuitive, interactive presentations that allow them to quickly understand your products and services. Sales enablement tools fall short, and many companies try to manage and communicate a single message using a variety of applications, websites and print material. The result is often confusing, expensive and time-consuming.

The answer is the Engage App, an interactive presentation application that uses your existing content to deliver a 2-D/3-D customized interactive environment. With 15 modules to choose from, your company can present with 3-D product demos, create marketing campaigns, configure ROI calculators, collect customer data and fulfill many other critical sales and marketing needs. All the modules integrate, so scaling is easy and you can control user management with a single web-based application.

Partnering with Webdam makes organizing and moving content into the Engage App very simple, so you can now present your assets like never before while saving time and money.

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