Chute is an enterprise user-generated content (UGC) solution, making it possible for companies to find consumer photos about their brand shared on social platforms. Chute’s best-in-class rights-management system makes it easy to reach out to these content creators and obtain permission to use the photos and videos at scale. These photos then appear within Webdam, where all appropriate teams and partners can access the photos and videos for their use. This makes it easy for teams to integrate consumer photos into every customer touchpoint – from websites to social channels to collateral to landing pages, contests and more.

Authentic photos better tell a brand’s story, with 78% of millennial consumers saying they are more likely to purchase products featured in a UGC image than a professional or stock photo. Ads with UGC have a 93% higher average CTR. Tapping into consumer photos not only saves the brand considerable time, but it is more effective than traditional, professional imagery. The Webdam integration makes it easy for brands to integrate earned content with their professional images.

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