Why do businesses need online file sharing tools?

Online file sharing can easily cause bottlenecks and other challenges for businesses if the right tools or services aren’t utilized. It’s imperative for businesses to grow their brand by producing high-quality marketing materials, sales resources, videos, presentations and other engaging content. Creative and marketing teams work with very large files to accomplish this, and using traditional methods to send these big files can be cumbersome and problematic for teams that need to move fast. E-mail attachments have common size restrictions for anything bigger than 100Mb. Sharing files via FTP makes it difficult to track and manage your files. CDs or thumb-drives are costly and slow to send and can easily get lost in the mail. Ensure the correct files are sent to the correct recipients securely and boost productivity. Access and share your files with internal and external parties hassle free when you use Webdam for online file sharing and storage. You can work faster when you can send large files individually and even send multiple files simultaneously. Make sure your online sharing platform is secure and is supporting your workflows instead of clogging them up.

Who benefits from online file sharing?

Medium-sized and large enterprise teams can both benefit by streamlining workflows using online file sharing with DAM. The amount of time saved directly impacts how teams can creatively collaborate. With online file sharing, global organizations can increase communication and productivity. When companies have multiple brands to manage, leveraging online file sharing and storage can help teams work more efficiently and stay organized. IT departments love cloud DAM platforms because they’re easy to deploy and don’t eat up valuable resources. Security is paramount and leading DAM solutions take every precaution to protect critical business files.


Send Big Files Easily
Intuitive Functionality
Secure Storage & Transfer
Round-the-Clock Global Access


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