What is marketing fulfillment?

To be competitive, organizations need to design complex marketing strategies that fulfill the needs of today’s growing number of marketing channels. With the growth of the digital world, your target audience is now influenced by promotional materials across a plethora of platforms. From events, billboards, websites, microsites, ad campaigns, email marketing, direct marketing, affiliate marketing, media relations, content marketing, social media sites, to mobile marketing and sales presentations ― the ability to rapidly reach your market segments is challenging without the right solutions in place.

Marketing fulfillment is defined as the ability to execute the creation and delivery of marketing collateral and brand assets across these channels. To succeed in marketing fulfillment, organizations must deploy the right tools that empower efficiency, automation and fast turn-around times. CMOs understand that an organization’s marketing strategy only succeeds when properly executed in a timely manner.

What are the benefits of marketing fulfillment software?

Empower teams to work fast, fulfill marketing strategies, create designs quickly, stay organized and maintain brand integrity. With Webdam, organizations are equipped with a branded centralized platform for accessing, collaborating, managing and distributing all marketing collateral across teams, printers, distributors, web properties, online marketing channels and partners. With the leading marketing fulfillment software, your marketing materials get to market quickly, efficiently and leverage electronic delivery channels with real-time results.

With Webdam, your materials can automatically be shared with printers, distributors and internal teams. Ensure teams always have access to the files they need. Don’t ever burden your organization or partners with the inability to locate or manage files and design projects. Have all collateral easily accessible, from anywhere, anytime, from any web-enabled device. Marketing fulfillment software also acts as digital file management — storing and sending marketing designs, promotional materials and branded assets. It enables organizations to rush easily.

WebDAM for Marketing Fulfillment Overview

Collaborate & Create Marketing Collateral Fast
Distribute Collateral to Teams, Printers, Channels & Partners
Improve Turn-Around Time
Find Designs & Marketing Collateral Fast
One Place for Creation, Coordination, Access & Delivery

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