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Our Customer Experience

WebDAM outperforms other DAMs in usability, adoption and customer satisfaction


WebDAM Achieves the Best Customer Retention Rate in the Industry, Hands Down

At WebDAM, customer success is our number one priority. Our dedication to our customers has led us to earn the highest customer retention rate (98 percent) in the industry, an achievement we’re very proud of. WebDAM’s innovative and user-friendly platform combined with our industry-leading customer service makes us the leading DAM solution trusted by hundreds of well-recognized global brands.


Dedicated to Best-in-Class User Experience & Innovation

WebDAM thrives on staying in touch with customers, innovation based on feedback and delivering the most user-friendly interfaces and features possible. WebDAM celebrates its success at providing the most powerfully simplistic DAM experience to our customers.


An Extraordinary Resource –

As an industry leader in digital asset management, we share our expertise at, a revolutionary customer success portal. The site is fully dedicated to sharing DAM best practices, online training videos that users can share with teams and controlled vocabulary worksheets, among other resources. gives users a platform to collaborate, vote on features for the next release and suggest improvements for others to vote on. At WebDAM, we know that customer input is critical to our success and that our platform should be heavily influenced by our users. All WebDAM customers receive complimentary VIP access and the ability to invite others to the site.

The Customer Journey

At WebDAM, we focus on driving value, delighting customers and innovating everyday. This is our customer success mantra, and we believe that our best champions are happy users. From on boarding to launch and adoption, we are with you at every step on your journey to success.

At WebDAM, being FAST is everything. That’s why we call our best-in-class implementation methodology “FAST2”, or Formulate, Analyze, Structure, Test and Train.

WebDAM Customer Experience

From global corporations to small businesses, we guarantee your success regardless of your service package. Our dedicated and delightful Customer Success Managers guide you through the journey from implementation to adoption. The Customer Success Manager works closely with your administrator(s) to ensure the whole experience is quick, effortless and successful. Once implementation is complete, your CSM won’t disappear.

FAST2 is our way to deliver value to our customers as fast as possible and maximize your ROI.

Extend WebDAM with Professional Services

WebDAM’s Professional Services Consultants give you endless possibilities for extending the platform. If you’ve ever wanted to integrate your DAM and content management system or a third-party application, WebDAM’s REST API can help you achieve that. If you need assistance with workflow, metadata or keyword taxonomy strategy, WebDAM is here for you. If you desire customized innovations, our Professional Services team is eager to help.