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"Webdam has made the whole process more efficient and convenient than before." Brynne Roberts Brynne Roberts Creative Global Operations Manager Method
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It’s the year 2000. Roommates Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan are fed up with ugly cleaning products that are either toxic or foul smelling. They decide to make something better.

They form Method and dedicate themselves to green cleaning products that destroy dirt and smell fresh. Within a year, their products land in four local stores.

Fast-forward to 2016 and Method is the largest purveyor of green cleaning products in the world, one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. and, unofficially, the owners of the coolest design aesthetic in household cleaning products.

Method cleaning products can be found in Target, Lowe’s, Safeway, Whole Foods and most grocers nationwide and around the world.

The Challenge

Messy Situations

Like many companies with a fast-growing international business, Method needed a better way to connect its teams and supply them with the latest approved brand assets. With marketing teams in North America, Europe and Asia, the brand wanted to ensure consistent branding for external-facing content across the globe.

The existing solutions weren’t up to the task. Method didn’t have a central brand platform, relying instead on a combination of file storage and transfer applications, email and internal servers to collaborate on files. Lack of revision controls led to chaotic projects and wasted energy. Meanwhile Internet latency experienced in countries outside of North America made it difficult to access some important assets.

As Method’s rich-media asset collection grew from hundreds of files to thousands, the company recognized it needed a more powerful, centralized, cloud-based solution for managing its growing collection of files.

The Solution

A Spritz of Success

The Method marketing team began the search for a new solution. They wanted something that made finding and using current brand assets fast and easy no matter where people worked. That meant a central repository for digital files and a self-service system that people could use to get work done without help or training. Bonus points for automated version control to avoid the duplicate efforts and miscommunication that occurred during creative cycles.

After evaluating several different digital asset management solutions, Method chose Webdam for its powerful yet easy-to-use platform.

“It has been really great,” said Brynne Roberts, Creative Global Operations Manager at Method. “It’s such an intuitive platform.”


The Results

Clean Slate, No Streaks

Successfully growing and scaling a business, especially at an international level, requires strong and consistent branding. This means everything representing a brand – logos, photos, graphics, and so forth – must be consistently easy to access and use.

After deploying Webdam, Method connected all of their globally dispersed teams to their most important content. Roberts and her team can now ensure all of the company’s marketing teams can access files from the same central repository – and ensure those files are always up to date.

“Product photos, packaging images, marketing assets and corporate-identity assets are all so easy to find and use,” said Roberts. The related assets feature, which allows employees to view similar assets, is especially useful when organizing files that have more than one marketing purpose, Roberts added.


The Method team also regularly uses lightboxes – collections of files, often from different folders – to share assets with third parties like designers, printers and vendors that don’t have access to Method’s Webdam account.

Method’s investment in Webdam means success in its most vital branding task: managing its growing collection of digital assets with its global team as the brand expands across the world.

“Webdam makes the whole process of sharing and working on our digital assets more efficient and convenient than before,” said Roberts.