Customer Story | Juniper Networks "The ultimate goal was to find a self-service solution. Webdam is that solution." Larry Loper Larry Loper Senior Director of Branding and Advertising Juniper Networks
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Juniper Networks is the industry leader in network innovation. The global, multibillion-dollar company was founded in 1996 and has grown to 9,000+ employees in 46 offices serving more than 70 countries.

Juniper is big – and so is its collection of digital assets. During its recent rebrand, the company realized it needed a better solution to manage and share all of its materials with marketing teams, vendors, partners and distributors worldwide. Juniper Networks previously used a digital asset management (DAM) solution that was custom-built by an outside vendor and fulfillment partner. The code grew outdated and the company saw the writing on the wall: it was time to switch to a cloud-based DAM built by a company that specialized in DAM solutions.

The Challenge

A Growing Disconnect

Over the years, Juniper Networks’ previous DAM had turned into a substantial repository where it was difficult to search and find specific files. “A lot of the collateral, from logos to images and videos, were well-over five years old,” said Tom Salinas, Brand Communications team member at Juniper Networks. “It was a massive portal. When you’d look for a logo or image related to a certain topic, you would find files that were not on brand. We wanted to make sure that all of the assets we were delivering to our global marketing teams were on brand.”

“Our interface was starting to look outdated – it had no thumbnails or previews, and it was too hierarchical,” said Larry Loper, Senior Director of Branding and Advertising.

“At some point you need to go to a company that’s more specialized. It was time to shift over to a cloud-based system that already had all of the bells and whistles we needed.”With upcoming product launches and the release of new branded materials, Juniper Networks looked for a more centralized, self-service DAM. It wanted to find a cost-effective solution that would save time and improve creative workflows and communication between all of their stakeholders. “I have a small team and they cover global needs,” said Loper. “If somebody in the organization couldn’t find what they wanted, they’d simply send an email to an alias. We have really great service people that go to the end of the earth to solve these problems. But if they’re never contacted, that is nirvana. The more times they have to weigh in and problem solve a small problem, that’s not a good use of their time.” This troubleshooting issue was only compounded by the fact that they had many teams – internal and external – to communicate with. Juniper Networks needed to increase file management and communication efficiency.

The Solution

Streamlining a Complicated Web

After looking at several digital asset management platforms, Juniper Networks discovered that Webdam was the best solution for the company.

“The ultimate goal was to find a self-service solution,” Loper said. “Webdam is that solution.”

Man using notebook with blank screen.; Shutterstock ID 192096536

Loper elaborated that Juniper Networks chose Webdam because it makes it possible for employees to independently find the collateral they need, which ultimately saves time and cuts down on email requests. The intuitive interface, with robust search functionality, thumbnails and file previews, makes it easier for all stakeholders to find the latest on-brand collateral.

In addition to the product’s enterprise-ready features, Loper likes that Webdam is backed by Shutterstock, “When you have a lot of images to warehouse, engaging with Shutterstock makes sense. We also like how Webdam can be accessed from a secure, local server. Plus, Webdam has a huge roster of big customers that already use the product – that’s a huge comfort for a large company like ours.”

With the launch of new branded materials, Juniper Networks needed to improve team workflows, from creating and managing file versions to sharing files between the marketing team and all stakeholders. “We definitely use Webdam for several different avenues,” said Alexandra Conway, Production Assistant for brand communications at Juniper Networks. “We need to make sure only the newest assets are going out so people can be confident in what they’re using.”

By publishing files to specific folders available to specific stakeholders, the company’s employees, vendors, partners and distributors feel confident that they’re getting the right files and the latest versions to work productively.

On the administrative side, Juniper Networks uploaded thousands of files and their metadata, then managed who could access the files from a broad to granular level. “We’ve been able to divert accounts to certain permission levels and hone in on what assets users should or should not be seeing,” said Conway. “And, as an administrator, being able to change metadata for multiple files at once has been a huge help and time saver.”



The Results

Straight to the Source

Juniper Networks saw rapid adoption within the first two months of deployment. Within two months, the company had 1,300 active Webdam users. In addition to the marketing team, sales teams and many of the company’s distribution and channel partners have started using Webdam.

“It’s been a seamless transition from what we had before to what we have now,” said Salinas. “We haven’t seen disruption of production.”

The true test was whether Webdam would enable employees to find files on their own and cut down on email requests, ultimately saving the company time and money. “With Webdam they can download any number of file types,” Conway said. “Once we showed them that there is a custom option to download all kinds of common file formats, nine times out of 10 they’re able to figure it out on their own.”

For a growing enterprise with an extensive list of stakeholders to communicate with, Juniper Networks’ switch to Webdam happened at just the right time. Webdam gave Juniper Networks the ability to manage tens of thousands of creative files and share them with the right people at the permission levels their enterprise needed.

With all the potential pitfalls of distributing rebranded materials, Webdam made it easy for Juniper’s stakeholders to independently find the latest files needed to get work done. As a result, the brand communication team started to see fewer requests coming in and increased productivity. These improved creative workflows help Juniper Networks maintain a more consistent brand across all channels.