Customer Story | Capital Safety (3M) "Webdam removes all the manual processing I had to do before, it’s a huge time saver. I wish every technology company was as reliable." Darren Marrese Darren Marrese Global Photo, Video & New Media Specialist Capital Safety (3M)
Capital Safety (3M) Capital Safety (3M)


Capital Safety manufactures industry-leading products for fall protection and confined space and rescue equipment for oil and gas, construction, utilities, wind energy, transportation, telecoms, mining and other industries. Dedicated to bringing every worker home safely, Capital Safety’s products are globally renown. The company also provides in-house and on-site fall protection and rescue training services. Founded in 1998, Capital Safety provides superior safety products through two globally recognized iconic brands: DBI-Sala® and Protecta®.

Capital Safety has a huge amount of digital assets, mainly in the form of images and product documentation that it must manage and distribute to a globally dispersed internal team as well as a large community of customers and partners. Because Capital Safety makes safety equipment for such a wide range of industries around the world, it is crucial for the company to have an effective, well-managed system to store, distribute and access these digital assets.

The Challenge

Assets in a Haystack

Capital Safety, the global leader in fall protection, was about to undertake a complete redesign of its corporate website. The company’s web team quickly recognized it was also time to completely overhaul its digital media library, which was created in-house and managed by the company’s IT department instead of the marketing or creative team. Darren Marrese, Capital Safety’s global photo, video & new media specialist, described the existing DAM system as “very barebones,” explaining that the company’s disorganized digital asset library made finding any materials in a timely manner very difficult.

Communicating and collaborating over different digital assets was also a great challenge. The capital safety team had no centralized way to organize, access and manage files that were used for many different purposes, both internally and externally.

The Solution

Flat Learning Curve

After evaluating several different digital asset management providers and sitting through multiple demonstrations, Capital Safety chose Webdam because it was the most efficient, organized and easy to use platform that supported all the company’s needs for empowering rapid brand growth with new web properties.

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“Once we signed the paperwork, we were able to open the doors to our new digital library the next day,” Marrese said. “Then we spent a couple of weeks steadily populating it with assets. Of all the different tech companies we work with, you guys at Webdam have been the most reliable.”

Using the Webdam API, Marrese and his team is able to easily streamline and manage Capital Safety’s new website and all the digital assets that go with it.Since multiple images on Capital Safety’s website are linked to one image in Webdam, Marrese and his team no longer has to worry about changing every single instance of an image on the website when he wants to update a photo. Webdam automatically updates it across all web properties at once.

That was the big selling feature aside from ease of use for customers and internal staff,” Marrese said. “I used to have to change all photos and links manually. Now I just change it once in Webdam and it updates on all our global portals.”

Marrese said that Webdam has been a really strong platform for housinga large volume of digital assets that are used by both internal staff and external customers.

He especially appreciates the intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use on a daily basis by customers and staff members.

Webdam has also saved Marrese and his team a huge amount of time previously spent handling image requests from external organizations,especially during “catalog season,” when catalog vendors start assembling materials for the next year’s books.

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“It was becoming an overwhelming issue for us,” Marrese said. “We couldn’tkeep up with the phone calls from distributors and customers to reproduce our images for their own marketing and sales efforts. Now I don’t have to dealwith that anymore. We can just use Webdam lightboxes to easily share images. Webdam has really streamlined things. It’s been a massive timesaver.”

Capital Safety recently launched a brand new website for its North American division using the Webdam REST API, and is in the process of doing the same with its European site as well.

“We built our new website with the API and we’ve had no issues with it at all,” Marrese said. “I wish every technology and company was as reliable as Webdam.”

The Results

Organization Makes Everything Easier

Prior to implementing Webdam, Capital Safety struggled to manage its extensive collection of files, which ranged from product images to documentation critical to using and operating the company’s products.

After a quick and successful deployment of Webdam, Capital Safety was able to easily organize all of these valuable digital assets with appropriate metadata so that both internal teams and external stakeholders can easily find and access files and collaborate from one centralized location. This was a critical step in Capital Safety’s development of a brand new corporate website. Marrese, Capital Safety’s global photo, video and new media specialist, emphasizes the importance of the great Webdam user interface and intuitive design in how successful the platform has been at the company. “It’s made a huge difference in the amount of time and work I’ve had to put into maintaining the library,” Marrese said. “With our old file library, if we launched or updated a product with 10 images and eight documents, it would take at least three hours to upload, tag and link them across the website. With Webdam, I can deploy images across all our web properties in about 20 minutes.”

On top of the enormous amount of time saved, Webdam has eliminated the need for Marrese and his team to pre-process images in different formats before uploading to the web.

“I don’t have to field calls and do customer handholding anymore,” he said. “A registered user can download a file in whatever format they want. Webdam removes all the manual processing I had to do before.” Marrese said that the Webdam lightbox feature is particularly useful for Capital Safety’s national sales and account managers, who must communicate between internal and external marketing teams on a constant basis. Previously, national account managers had to create CDs of images and physically mail them to different stakeholders who requested photos or documentation.

“Webdam has taken away a lot of routine administrative work that was redundant and time consuming,” Marrese said. When Capital Safety undertook the massive project of revamping its corporate website, the company realized that a total overhaul of its digital asset management system was needed for the new website to be successful. Its existing digital asset management system, an in-house built and operated “bare bones” platform, lacked most of the sophisticated tools needed to effectively manage and access Capital Safety’s large collection of product images and documentation. After choosing and deploying Webdam, Capital Safety was able to completely streamline its entire digital asset management process, saving hours of time and hard work. Webdam enabled Capital Safety to get organized and better collaborate with internal and external teams over the company’s valuable digital assets. Marrese said that Capital Safety’s president even briefly considered using Webdam as a temporary website, saying “nobody would miss a beat.” As Marrese put it, “Webdam is a huge time saver and the API has been a big part of our new website.”

“I’m usually fickle about technology, so when something works the way it is supposed to, like Webdam does, I am extremely pleased with the outcome,” he added.