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LearningRx Cuts Costs and Centralizes Marketing Materials with WebDAM

“Using WebDAM has been and continues to be a great experience!”



People exercise their bodies to get stronger and perform better, but what about their brain? Since 2002, LearningRx has helped children and adults strengthen their memory, problem solving, comprehension, and other key cognitive skills using a process dubbed brain training. With brain training, LearningRx goes far beyond simple memorizing and tutoring – rather than reinforce material or correct mistakes, LearningRx’s methodology looks at the underlying problems to create cognitive changes through various exercises and one-on-one training.

LearningRx has grown faster than founder Dr. Ken Gibson could have ever dreamed. With over 80 franchises across the country, LearningRx’s reach is truly all-encompassing. From professionals seeking to get more out of their career to students struggling with basic comprehension, LearningRx’s tested and proven methodology is helping millions of people change the way they learn for the better.

The Problem

Before WebDAM, all LearningRx marketing materials were confined within the walls of their corporate office, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. With franchises scattered everywhere, getting access to these business critical materials was both inefficient and costly. Each franchise would have to endure the vigorous process of manually submitting a request for marketing assets, patiently wait for corporate approval, and upon approval Corporate would have to manually ship a CD of marketing materials to the requester’s location.

This was the most efficient means of distribution when the company was founded, but it created a number of problems especially as the number of franchises grew. In fact, sometimes the materials were already outdated before they arrived at the Franchise’s doorstep. In the Colorado Springs office, the issue compounded itself, as the end-to-end process was time consuming and expensive. Since materials were stored in many different locations, the process of creating updated master CDs – complete with an inventory of what each Franchise had, control of how assets were used, and managing obsolete materials – became an arduous task.

With the company continuing to grow, it made sense for LearningRx to search for a cloud-based alternative – one that worked well for the unique issues encountered by each individual franchise and within LearningRx’s franchise business model.


The Solution

LearningRx sought a cloud-based digital asset management solution that offered centralized management for the corporate office and individualized capabilities for its 80+ franchises. For specific features, LearningRx wanted to provide users with thumbnail preview images, keyword and search capabilities, download flexibility, access control, and robust folder structure management.

After conducting a comprehensive review of top digital asset management solutions, LearningRx ultimately chose WebDAM. Due to its usability, flexible search and organization features, along with unique user and group settings for individual franchise users, WebDAM proved to be the best solution for the growing company.

Analysis & Results

Upon selecting WebDAM as LearningRx’s digital asset management provider, the corporate office gathered all relevant media on a hard drive and shipped it to WebDAM’s customer success team for the initial data load. This expedited the implementation process, allowing LearningRx to focus on familiarizing both corporate and franchise users with the new system.

Once up and running, WebDAM quickly demonstrated its benefits for the company. All marketing, PR and Operations media resources were consolidated into one location, making it easy to fulfill individual franchise requests in real-time. The elimination of CD-based data storage also streamlined file management within the corporate office. Now, file additions and updates could be handled quickly and easily without concerns of franchises using outdated information. Updates or new pieces became accessible world-wide in mere minutes instead of days or weeks; similarly, outdated files could easily be taken down, all without the need to contact individual franchises.

This provided a trickle-down effect that streamlined the entire workflow from home office to individual franchise. By creating a centralized repository for files, the corporate staff no longer has to sift through different discs and drives thanks to WebDAM’s search function. Employees are now freed up to focus on core business responsibilities. For individual franchises, another unexpected benefit is from WebDAM’s download capabilities. WebDAM files can be distributed through various methods (email, FTP, web link, etc.), allowing each franchise user to determine the best method for each situation (i.e. working with an outside vendor or printer.)

To ensure LearningRx’s continued success, a WebDAM Customer Success Manager routinely conducts conference calls for feedback, questions, and suggestions. “WebDAM has been extremely helpful with any questions we have had,” says LearningRx’s Marketing Technology Specialist Brent White. “The level of customer service certainly sets the bar high.”


With 80+ franchises, LearningRx’s footprint is nationwide and quickly growing, making communication with the home office as vital – and sometimes difficult – as ever. Using WebDAM as the company’s centralized digital asset management system, LearningRx has been able to streamline distribution of necessary files, ensuring on-demand retrieval, fast updates, and easy fulfillment. As White simply states, “Using WebDAM has been and continues to be a great experience!”


  • Centralizes digital assets
  • Provides better control
  • Streamlines marketing workflows

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