What is content management?

With the explosion of digital technology, your company must manage and share content across a growing number of online channels. Meanwhile, your teams demand easy and secure access to their organization’s valuable digital assets ― from any place, at any time. Content management systems provide the tools needed to access, manage, retrieve, distribute and publish digital content. Digital content encompasses digital files including images, photos, presentations, documents, videos, multimedia and any other content.

Content management tools in the cloud provide efficient content life cycle management. The majority of companies require some form of online content management in order to create and share their content. The process of content management begins with production. Enterprise content has many touch points for editing cycles, review and publication and each step is crucial to producing high-quality content. Large organizations have a content manager that oversees this process and are successful by utilizing the best content management system. Webdam provides an easy-to-use platform to control digital assets across departments, marketing channels and global enterprise teams. Webdam also integrates with other solutions so IT can continue improving a company’s competitive advantage.

What are the benefits of content management?

Change is constant. Content management platforms contain everything you need to work in entirely new and better ways. Enterprise teams can boost productivity with easy-to-deploy cloud content management. Businesses can collaborate on digital files, share content between teams, protect important digital assets, monitor content growth and access, connect teams with specific files, distribute digital assets across marketing channels like social media, ensure users and channels are always using latest versions, control rights management and make decisions and get work done fast.

With Webdam, content management is easy. Loved by users for its easy-to-use interface and by IT for its enterprise-level flexibility and security, Webdam empowers companies to succeed quickly around the world.


Content Collaboration
Social Content Management
Mobile Content Management
Content Distribution
Streamline Departments
Easy Search & Findability
Securely Share & Track
Regain Control


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