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What is content management?

What is Content Management?

With the explosion of digital technology, your company must manage and share content across a growing number of online channels. Meanwhile, your teams demand easy and secure access to their organization’s valuable digital assets ― from any place, at any time. Content management systems provide the tools needed to access, manage, retrieve, distribute and publish digital content. Digital content encompasses digital files including images, photos, presentations, documents, videos, multimedia and any other content.

Content management tools in the cloud provide efficient content life cycle management. The majority of companies require some form of online content management in order to create and share their content. The process of content management begins with production. Enterprise content has many touch points for editing cycles, review and publication and each step is crucial to producing high-quality content. Large organizations have a content manager that oversees this process and are successful by utilizing the best content management system. WebDAM provides an easy-to-use platform to control digital assets across departments, marketing channels and global enterprise teams. WebDAM also integrates with other solutions so IT can continue improving a company’s competitive advantage.

Content Management Benefits

What are the benefits of content management?

Change is constant. Content management platforms contain everything you need to work in entirely new and better ways. Enterprise teams can boost productivity with easy-to-deploy cloud content management. Businesses can collaborate on digital files, share content between teams, protect important digital assets, monitor content growth and access, connect teams with specific files, distribute digital assets across marketing channels like social media, ensure users and channels are always using latest versions, control rights management and make decisions and get work done fast.

With WebDAM, content management is easy. Loved by users for its easy-to-use interface and by IT for its enterprise-level flexibility and security, WebDAM empowers companies to succeed quickly around the world.

Content Management Software Overview


Content Management Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses content management?

Anyone in an organization involved in the content life cycle leverages digital content management. Creative and marketing teams have the most involvement with the creation and distribution of images, video, presentations and digital content. The entire organization can utilize content management solutions to access the digital assets it needs.

An easy content management system requires no training and can quickly be adopted for enterprise-wide use. Check-out how WebDAM is used across an organization:

  • Creative professionals use content management applications to streamline the production of content and benefit from shorter review and edit cycles thanks to increased communication with tools like real-time alerts, commenting, Lightboxes and more.
  • Marketers can quickly distribute content to various web properties and ensure brand consistency with easy monitoring and tracking of their digital assets.
  • Sales teams can find and access the latest versions of enterprise content. Once new versions of assets are added, they get an automated alert of the update and can leverage new presentations, white papers, videos or any other content created for their use.
  • IT teams benefit from enterprise content management systems that are quick to deploy with enterprise-level security standards and don’t require IT support for upgrades or maintenance. IT teams can also integrate WebDAM with other business applications to streamline company workflows.
What are the keys to being a successful content manager?

If you’re vamping up your content management strategy and need a content manager to oversee everything or plan to hire one, it’s important to know what characteristics are important to achieve successful brand management.

  • Strong leadership qualities, especially solid communication skills, are necessary for any management role. Being a brand manager requires constantly educating and guiding all departments in an organization to be aligned.
  • The best offense is always a good defense. Brand managers are tasked to protect their brand from messaging that might be negative. Problem solving skills are necessary to approach sticky situations and prevent PR nightmares, or at least diffuse them to minimize additional damage to an overall brand.
  • Being organized is vital for brand managers to reach their goals. Utilizing software solutions that enable social media monitoring, brand asset distribution and centralizing all brand materials are great ways to stay on top of everything.
  • Strategic thinking allows brand managers to keep their brand fresh and ahead of the competition. Be aware of current news and trends that influence your target audience and customers. Keep your eyes open for creative opportunities to engage new customers.
How do I know if I need to invest in content management software?

First, analyze how you currently manage your digital assets and workflows for collaboration, sharing, finding and distributing these assets.

  • Is it resource-intensive to find your assets? If it takes more than a couple minutes to find and share your digital files, WebDAM’s software can help. With innovative tools for organizing and searching, your teams won’t have to spend valuable time hunting for files.
  • Can your assets be accessed wherever and whenever you need them? Accessibility is crucial for productivity. If your team cannot get to the files or resources they need, recreating assets push deadlines and raise issues from duplicate content and brand inconsistencies. DAM software ensures your teams always have the resources they need.
  • Do bottlenecks occur during creative collaboration? Increase project communication and visibility. Get real-time alerts from WebDAM when files or new versions are uploaded, comments are added or assets are approved in a DAM system.
  • Does your current system provide enterprise-level security for storage, access and sharing? Important business assets need to be locked down in a stable and secure environment. Reputable DAM companies ensure the safety of all your digital assets with secure data centers and constant monitoring.
  • What is the ROI from DAM? The main factors are listed above, but there are many other reasons why businesses invest in DAM. Learn about the best way to measure the ROI for your company in a whitepaper.
How do I select the best content management system?

When you’re looking to select the best digital asset management software for your business, you need to know the current challenges your company faces managing your digital assets. Discuss specific workflows that will solve these challenges with top digital asset management companies.

  • Identify who the key users of the DAM system are and discuss all the required features and functionality they need and want
  • Consider important factors like security, cloud architecture, integrations, implementation process, professional services, customer experience and user adoption
  • Compare leading DAM systems like WebDAM in a free consultation tailored to your company workflows — see a demo today
  • Get a free trial of WebDAM to experience a powerful yet simple DAM system
  • For more information, download the whitepaper about how to select a DAM
Where can I find additional content management resources?

For more information to better understand online image management, check-out some of these other resources.