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Team 6ix is a boutique management consultancy that helps organisations adopt marketing software for managing and communicating with customers. In short, we help companies make the most of their marketing technology.

We support CRM, e-commerce, digital asset management, enterprise content management, project management, integration and an ever-growing list of products that enable brands to access customers more efficiently and effectively. We’re a vendor-agnostic organisations, meaning we work with the technology that meets your needs.

Team 6ix specialises in the whole marketing technology ecosphere rather than any one niche domain or product. As a result, we help clients with the integration of their marketing tech stack, managing vendor demands and overcoming the cultural change required to successfully adopt technology.

We understand that the investment you make in technology can be significant, so we’re dedicated to helping you make the most of it by getting technology working and delivering ROI in the shortest possible time.

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Team 6ix