Blog | December 16, 2014

Why I Chose to Join the Webdam Team

by bsuh in Webdam Updates

I recently joined the Webdam team and a common question that a lot of my friends and family asked me was, what was it about Webdam that made you want to join the company? The short answer is that Webdam is a great company that cares about their employees and is rapidly growing, but let me explain exactly how I came to my decision.

You’ve gone through the grueling process of applying, phone screens, first, second, final interviews, skills tests and presentations and now you’ve finally arrived at that glorious moment…the offer or even better, OFFERS…plural!  This decision encompasses more than a dollar amount or perks, it’s about where do I want to spend a third of my life. That may be a scary thought to some but not if you make the right decision. This is where I found myself.

In the past, when deciding which company to select, I only sought after the all mighty dollar and I was sure that a certain salary would make me happy.  For job searches, I also started looking more at opportunity for career growth, the work culture or even more importantly, whether they have good snacks!!! After working at a number of companies that had pieces of what makes a great workplace, I hadn’t found the right formula for myself.

When I first heard about Webdam I meticulously researched to see if the company aligned with my checklist of requirements: a product that made sense to me, a growing company, a great executive team and the list goes on.  In truth, there are many companies out there (especially in Silicon Valley) that are going to meet all the requirements on your own checklist. Because Webdam satisfied my checklist, I had to shift focus to the intangibles.

During my interview process with Webdam it be came clear to me that this was the team I wanted to join.  For me, the interview process is the company’s chance to make a lasting impression and show the overall character of the company.  The recruiting team did an amazing job of communicating by providing immediate feedback and keeping me in the loop with next steps.  I was able to meet with all the members of the team that I would potentially be working with and I got the sense that not only would I enjoy working with these people but if I ever ended up having a massive layover at an airport, passing the time with this team would be a breeze.  When I got a tour of the office, I was able to get a sense of the office culture.  I saw a fun and lively group that sincerely enjoyed being at work and I wanted to be there with them.  The clincher for me was when I saw a rack of razor scooters that people used to zip around the office.  When I saw people scooting around the office, including the CTO, I knew this was the place for me.


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