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What’s New in WebDAM?


We are pretty excited about the latest updates to WebDAM. It is jam-packed with usability enhancements making digital asset management easier than ever! As always, all features are readily available for our users. Nothing to upgrade, license or install! Simply login to see the updates!

The new Asset Preview Page: An even easier-to-use WebDAM! Thanks to your feedback, the new Asset Preview Page is here! Our user interface engineers have spent countless hours redesigning the WebDAM asset preview to ensure flawless usability. The new layout features a nifty options box with easy-to-recognize icons for faster access to your favorite WebDAM features such as: Slideshow, Lightbox, Email Sharing and more. The Download option is now prominently placed with a large button, making it a cinch to find for even the novice WebDAM user. Tour the new Asset Preview Page by clicking the image below:

Tabbed metadata layout with full EXIF details! EXIF metadata, the information embedded in a photo by a digital camera, can now be fully configured and displayed on the Asset Preview Page within WebDAM! The new tabbed layout provides dedicated tabs for IPTC and EXIF metadata to keep your information better organized. Configure which EXIF fields to display from the Administrator Metadata Schema page.

Send Asset Download Find yourself emailing a large image attachment only to discover later that the intended recipient’s email service blocked it? Now you don’t have to compromise your time sending files! This new function works just like the batch download invite feature of the WebDAM Lightbox but for a single file. Check out our enhanced options box on the Asset Preview Page and simply click “Send Download.”

What’s in a DAM Label? With the addition of our multi-media module and support for video and audio files, it was time for a change.  Be gone albums and images and hello folders and assets!  We now have a new labeling convention in WebDAM.  You will notice this change throughout your account, but never fear, preferences are here!  If your users just love the term Images and don’t like change, no problem.  Configure your DAM label from your global preferences page.

Speedier Folder Browsing

Our new Folder Browser provides an easier and faster mechanism for selecting folders from the administrator pages of WebDAM.  Explore this new easy-to-use feature from the Upload page.



Google Chrome Support

Google Chrome has officially surpassed 20% of market share and we are happy to announce full compliance!  WebDAM is now tested and approved for Chrome!


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