Blog | September 22, 2011

What’s New in Webdam: Got Links?

by Jody Vandergriff in Webdam Updates

Using your Webdam assets on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, or your company’s CMS? You’ve probably found yourself downloading from Webdam, just to upload into another system such as the above-mentioned. We know you need to be able to do this quickly and our goal, as always, is to save you TIME! With the new “Get Links” feature, we have bridged the gap between DAM and your other Internet media outlets.


  • Saves time since you don’t need to download, resize, and upload images anymore
  • Easy, just copy and paste to share
  • Your digital assets stay organized in one central location
  • Your digital assets stay protected

How it Works:

  • In Gallery view, logged-in admins and contributors have a new link called “Get Links” in the right side menu when previewing an asset.
  • Direct links have different sized thumbnail options and a larger preview available, perfect for posting links to assets in various image sizes in emails, social media outlets and more.
  • Embeddable links also have a variety of thumbnail sizes to choose from along with a 550px preview that can be directly pasted as html into a blog, website, etc.  Because it has the HTML already included, it’s a great shortcut for posting to a blog.
  • Page link has always been available and is included in this same window for convenience.  The link is to the preview page of the asset hosted in Webdam.
  • Just copy the desired link from the “Get Links” window, and paste into your Internet media outlets of choice!
  • And, you are still protected; the link is just a low-res thumbnail of the asset.

Now Webdam makes sharing even more convenient.  It just takes a couple clicks and your digital assets can be shared online with ease.