Blog | January 3, 2015

What is Selfless Content Marketing?

by Melissa Kelly in Content Marketing

You’ve probably seen your share of overly promotional content. It’s like the person you wish you didn’t start talking to at a party. You’re initially attracted to an enticing blog title or picture promising something interesting. Then you engage, and BAM. You’re stuck listening to a brand talk on-and-on about their product or service.

This situation happens all too often in content marketing and the truth is: it doesn’t work.

So what can you do to make your content more useful to your audience? Provide selfless content: the information your customers are looking for without being self-serving. Here are a three things to keep in mind as you generate content…

Know Your Audience

Understand the challenges your target audience faces. Don’t talk about how your product solves their problem, but provide content that is brand-agnostic and helpful. If you don’t create content that solves your target visitors’ problems or at least entertains them, your marketing efforts will not produce impressive results or generate many leads.

Provide Unique Content

Generate information that’s not available anywhere else. You wouldn’t visit a blog that merely regurgitates what others are saying and neither would your audience.

A good way to create unique content is to combine research with your own experience to provide new insights into customer issues. By doing this, you accomplish two things: you set yourself apart from your competitors, and you establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, which in turn builds trust and keeps your brand credible.

Another great way to pique interest and increase traffic is to invite experts to contribute a guest post to your blog occasionally. Choose experts with a large following to reach their audience as well. Alternatively, you could interview them, and post the writeups on your blog.

When developing a content marketing strategy, write about a variety of topics that are vital to your industry to keep your materials fresh and interesting.

Share Curated Content 

Whether on your blog or via social media, you can add a lot of value by sharing content from other thought leaders in your industry on topics that are relevant to your visitors. This will also give you an opportunity to provide content in different formats, such as videos and infographics. Again, make sure the content is unique and current.

Content curation also provides a constant stream of valuable content for your visitors, which sparks conversations, builds relationships, and grows your audience.

When it comes to creating selfless content, remember, it’s not about you … It’s about them!