Blog | January 13, 2015

What is DAM?

by Emilie Doolittle in Digital Asset Management

We’ve all run into this scenario at work before:

Where is that file?

I know I had it somewhere.

Was it in my email? The wiki?

Grrr… Why can’t I find it?!

Many businesses have trouble with efficient file management, especially as they grow to have more pieces of content. Employees don’t have a way to effectively manage, share or find the files they need to get work done.

Oftentimes employees need to find the latest resources, and don’t know how or where they can use them. They might also want to track how many times employees downloaded files.

These are just some of the situations where DAM (a.k.a. digital asset management) saves the day. A good DAM platform turbocharges the way employees organize, search, share, track and distribute files.

Here are some things to look for in a proficient DAM platform:

1. Robust Search Functionality

Search is one of the first ways employees try to find information. Powerful search features deliver exactly what employees need.

2. Administrative Control

Businesses need to manage who can access, download and modify files. Administrative control features provide the right permissions to the right employees.

3. In-Context Collaboration

Employees don’t have time to toggle between applications to collaborate. The ability to comment on assets and real-time notifications allow employees to share feedback in the context of what they’re working on.

4. Simple Distribution

Employees can easily share assets with their teammates and third parties, without emailing large files or using FTP programs. Plus, they can publish these assets to their website, social networks, CMS and more.

These topics touch on the surface of DAM. For more information get the guide below.

What is digital asset management?