Blog | March 1, 2014

Welcome to!

by Preeti Upadhyaya in Webdam Updates

For the past few months, the Webdam marketing team has been hard at work designing and building a brand new corporate website for the best digital asset management platform on the market. This week, we’re proud and excited to celebrate the unveiling of

With just a few clicks, you can visually experience some of Webdam’s most powerful features right from the website. We’ve also included many informative resources to answer questions about specific use cases for digital asset management. For example, download our viral infographic about the breakdown and extensibility of digital asset management. Or, read inspiring blog articles covering various topics including best practices for marketing collaboration and battling creative block. Everywhere you look, has great tools to boost your creative and marketing efforts and keep you one step ahead of your competition.

Our goal was to make your experience on our new website just as organic and easy-to-use as our product is. To accomplish this, we’ve packed a lot of valuable features into a very minimalist design. There are beautiful, interactive sliders that elegantly describe our robust platform. Customer quotes give concrete examples of how Webdam helps creative teams work faster and smarter. We’ve also included a collection of customer stories to illustrate how globally recognized brands are utilizing Webdam to succeed.

As many know, Webdam has always embraced the combination of orange and blue to reflect our company’s passionate culture and our product’s elegant and powerful experience. Orange is an inviting shade, while blue is known to be a calming hue. We’ve remained true to our brand’s roots, using our original color palette in our new site. In the industry, everyone knows that orange and blue means Webdam.

Continuing with a flat design also helps us capitalize on a well-established trend – the growth of mobility and smart devices. As many know, Webdam released the world’s first full-featured DAM mobile app. In keeping with that trend, we wanted our corporate website to look just as beautiful on every possible screen. The new boasts a cutting edge, fully responsive design. Whether you’re on a desktop, smartphone or tablet, all the content scales perfectly and looks crisp for your enjoyment.

We’re recognized for our passionate, innovative and energetic culture, so why not have some fun with the website too?  We’ve posted photos and video of our staff working hard and playing hard at the office. It’s not always easy to convey the liveliness and buzz of a successful company online, so we let our team members and customers use their own words to describe the Webdam experience.

We invite you to click around, have fun and get acquainted with We hope you’ll agree that it’s a beautiful introduction to the world’s best digital asset management platform and DAM company.