Blog | January 16, 2015

Webdam Welcomes New Content Marketing Manager

by Melissa Kelly in Content Marketing, Webdam Updates

I’m excited to introduce Emilie Doolittle, Webdam’s new Content Marketing Manager.

Emilie joins us with over seven years of writing and marketing experience from a variety of companies in the Silicon Valley. Emilie’s career started off in journalism, when she wrote stories for the Mercury News and local newspapers. Then she transitioned into the tech world where she launched products and spearheaded content marketing campaigns.

I took a moment to have a quick interview with Emilie.

Q: Why did you decide to work for Webdam?

A:  Two reasons: the people, and the product.

The people are incredibly fun and friendly. I’m also excited to work with our CEO Jody Vandergriff. Jody encourages more women to become businesses leaders, and that’s inspiring.

Many companies today have trouble with file management and brand management. I’m excited to work for a company that’s solving this problem. Webdam’s platform provides the search functionality, visual interface, administrative control and so many fantastic solutions to reinvent the way we manage content today.

Q: What made you passionate about content marketing?

A: I like to tell stories. I want to create content that makes people think. I want to show why something matters, and the reason we believe in it.

Q: How would you build a content marketing strategy?

A: First, I’d try to find out what information prospects want.

If the organization already has a lot of content on their website, I’d conduct a content audit to see: first, what content drives marketing qualified leads (what your CEO cares about); and second, what content drives engagement.

Then I’d create an editorial calendar that focuses on key themes. This would cover persona pieces, product announcements, customer stories, influencer posts, repurposed content and more.

I also think it’s important to create fun content. No one wants to listen to a brand promote it’s own agenda. Some of the content has to be fun and entertaining to get people to like your brand.

Before I start creating and distributing content, it’s also good to have a plan in place as for how to measure results, from awareness to conversions.

I’m excited to join the marketing team at Webdam and get started with our content effort.

Emilie Doolittle

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