Blog | May 18, 2012

Webdam Recognized as an Emerging Player by Forrester

by rselvey in Digital Asset Management, Webdam Updates

Marketers who explore digital asset management solutions can easily get lost in the jumbled market of legacy DAM vendors, recently recognized for having a lack of comprehensive vision. In fact, there are many companies providing solutions under the term digital asset management, aka DAM, that fall far from a solution to a modern-day marketer’s needs.  So, how can we filter out the noise in this market and see everything in a much clearer context?

Well, Forrester just released their first Wave Report detailing the Digital Asset Management marketplace. Their research details the current state of the market — categorizing Webdam, a cloud-focused DAM, as an emerging and viable competitor to legacy players and continues to pull in impressive, global organizations as clients.  In addition, according to Forrester, Webdam has found considerable success with the higher education market and is now eyeing expansion into other verticals.

Webdam has gained huge momentum this year with many accomplishments that include: making our public API available, integrating with partners like Box, reporting a 97+% customer retention rate, and the release of In addition, our development team has been very busy rolling out enhancements to Webdam to continue to drive innovation in the industry.  This year’s releases include new features like version control and related assets, a newly designed uploader, user interface enhancements and there’s still much more to come.  Webdam is constantly gathering feedback from users, to continuously enrich the customer experience.

Leading the pack, in the past two years Webdam has grown our customer base by 148% and we’re not slowing down.  In fact, we are speeding up.  Barely 2 months into Q2 of 2012, we’re seeing the best numbers that we’ve ever had in company history!  Based on our recent spat of market predictions, studies, strategy, and analyst research, such as the 2012 Forrester Wave Digital Asset Management for Customer Experience report, Webdam is ideally positioned to take a big bite out of this exponentially growing market – likely due to its early entry into the sector as a leading cloud-based digital asset management platform.

A particularly salient point that comes from Forrester is that the DAM vendor marketplace has “a lot of Davids but no real Goliath,” with very few big name players. We agree, and it is likely due to the fact that DAM has long been stuck in the shadow of mature enterprise content management and web content management counterparts. The renewed and growing interest in the DAM space is catching the eyes of technology partnerships, significantly increasing demand by enterprise marketing departments, and making the Webdam team…. absolutely thrilled to rise to the challenge!

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