Blog | January 29, 2018

The Webdam Mobile App Keeps Your Brand Handy

by Samantha Taylor in Product News, Webdam Updates The mobile DAM app from Webdam!

One resolution we should keep in 2018 is to stop calling mobile a “trend” – it’s simply the way we work. Adults in the U.S. spend about five hours a day on mobile devices. That’s just an hour shy of the average time we spend sleeping.

This growing reliance on and comfort with mobile tools has also contributed to increased workplace flexibility. Workers are getting more done away from the office and outside of normal business hours. Nearly half of all employees spend at least some time working remotely, and two-thirds of them report feeling more productive outside of the office. It’s critical that mobile apps keep pace to ensure employees have the tools needed to work effectively and efficiently, regardless of location.

For marketing and creative teams, that means access to the latest creative assets and the ability to put them to work at any moment. So we’ve done a top-to-bottom overhaul of the Webdam mobile app to ensure that teams keep brand operations moving at top speed, even while on-the-go.

The new Webdam mobile app allows teams to create, manage, download and share assets such as images, videos and finished creative from one integrated platform. Move projects forward from anywhere and continue to connect content to all of your customer touchpoints.

The Webdam mobile app allows you to:

Digital asset management on the go

  • Organize and share assets. Upload, download, view or share assets with people inside and outside your organization. Save images locally or in “offline” mode for access with or without internet or cellular service or use lightboxes to create collections for your favorite or most used assets. Keep everything where you want it, whenever you need it.

The Webdam mobile app helps keeps the creative workflow moving no matter where you are

  • Keep projects moving forward. Deadlines don’t care that you’ve left the office for the day. The Webdam mobile app lets you keep things on track with quick access to projects, tasks and to-do lists. Comment on assets and manage approvals on-the-go. With the app, being away from the office is no longer a bottleneck for productivity.

Secure access to your brand assets no matter where you are

  • Excel at brand consistency. View files, playback videos and track versions to ensure only the most up-to-date assets are being used. Permissions, user roles and other safeguards are maintained in the mobile app so you can rest assured knowing teams working from the mobile app are still playing by the rules.

Ensure you have the tools to keep the content lifecycle moving – while you’re moving. Download the Webdam mobile app today so that location never inhibits your ability to access the content you need. And be sure to check out DAM Success for everything you need to know about using the app.