Blog | September 2, 2014

Webdam Joins Digital Asset Management Tweet Jam

by Melissa Kelly in Digital Asset Management

To dig deeper into the dynamic world of digital asset management, CMSWire hosted a rousing Tweet Jam to discuss “How to Succeed with DAM.” Webdam VP of Marketing, Ron Selvey, was invited to be on the panel of DAM industry experts and we were thrilled to be part of the conversation!

Other panelists included Irina Guseva, technology analyst and consultant at Real Story Group, Ralph Windsor, contributing editor of DAMNews, and  John Horodyski, partner at Optimity Advisors, just to name a few. The whole panel of experts really shared a lot of great insights on DAM challenges that organizations and the industry commonly face. 

The questions revolved around achieving success with digital asset management and really addressed some great DAM topics including how to drive adoption, integration strategies, and more. The whole conversation was conducted on Twitter with panelists tweeting their answers to questions facilitated by CMSWire. It was a full hour of insightful and fun tweets and you can find the questions and Tweet Jam in full below.

The digital asset management questions included…

  1. Why do you think companies end up with more than one DAM?
  2. What can DAM Vendors do to fight the ‘Rich Media Parking Lot’ stereotype?
  3. Does DAM lag behind in usability and “modern UI” in general? If so, what’s the challenge?
  4. How does the “near duplicate” problem effect DAM adoption and usability?
  5. Name your top DAM adoption issue and how you address it.
  6. How do you see integration of DAM with CXM and other software impacting DAM relevance?

See the #DAMChat Tweet Jam here: