Blog | October 5, 2012

Webdam in Print! KMWorld Publishes DAM Article Featuring Webdam

by Melissa Kelly in Content Marketing, Digital Asset Management

KMWorld is one of the technology industry’s most trusted voices on the topic of content, document, and knowledge management. When KMWorld talks, IT professionals listen — and when KMWorld talks about digital asset management, we’re happy to say that Webdam is a significant part of it. Judith Lamont, Ph.D., regularly contributes to KMWorld, and in her new piece entitled “Digital Asset Management: A Solution For Marketing,” she advocates that companies take control of their increasing online marketing demands with smart digital asset management.

Ms. Lamont cites real-world situations where digital asset management systems have helped companies get a handle on their digital assets, both for organizational purposes and for integration with content management. One of those case studies comes from Webdam customer Lutronic. Known for its cutting-edge laser medical technology, Lutronic’s reach is worldwide — both in customer base and staff. Lutronic’s Bill Lightfoot explains the decision to use Webdam as the company’s solution.

Having used several other DAM systems, Lightfoot had specific features in mind that would match Lutronic’s requirements. “We wanted to share all types of files, from office documents to PDFs, presentations, videos and images,” he explains. “Global sharing meant a Web-based product, but solid security was critical. Finally, we needed a multilingual product so our global partners in other countries could access content in their native language.” Webdam Solutions met all the requirements.

Besides Webdam’s multilingual capabilities, Lightfoot notes that Webdam’s cloud-based system was easy to integrate and deploy for Lutronic’s global reach. The intuitive functionality really helped employees use Webdam with only minimal training.  In turn, this expedited marketing workflows and ensured that only the latest, most accurate file revisions were used.

Lutronic is just one example of how digital asset management can change marketing workflows for the better. Just how much can things improve? Ms. Lamont turned to someone we consider an expert on the topic — Webdam’s own Ron Selvey.

Ron Selvey, director of marketing for Webdam, says, “With the exponential growth of online marketing channels, digital assets can easily get out of control in most enterprises.”

“Today, marketing influences half of all IT purchases in most companies” Selvey says. “The new channels and responsibilities extend from print, to websites, social media, mobile collaboration and events, so marketing automation is essential.” DAM systems play an increasingly important role in that automation, maintaining and delivering all the content.

To read more about Webdam and how companies use digital asset management you can request a printed KMWorld magazine from their website, or read the full article at