Blog | July 22, 2009

Webdam 2.6 just released!

by Jody Vandergriff in Webdam Updates

Webdam is a leading digital asset management solution providing a completely hosted and managed approach to DAM deployment. Unlike most DAM systems, Webdam is completely web-based, making it faster and easier to access and share your assets 24/7. So what’s new in Webdam 2.6?


  • Easier batch downloading! Downloading multiple assets at one time just got a lot easier. As in previous versions of Webdam, assets can be downloaded in batch from anywhere in the world through the web interfaces by adding them to a Lightbox and using the one-click batch download functions. However, Webdam 2.6 now integrates a sophisticated queuing system to automatically email your users a download link once the download is ready for delivery. No more waiting for large files to be prepared! Simply add them to your Lightbox, click to download, and continue browsing and searching through assets while your download is prepared.
  • Automatic low-res image generation and conversion. Upload a high-res tiff file and let Webdam produce web-ready jpg versions for your users! Even better – you can now send download invites via email for users to download these alternative sized assets – a quick method to distribute web-ready images to your colleagues, partners, or media.
  • New ways to search and perform batch actions on your assets. This new time-saving feature simplifies the process of searching across your database and performing administrative actions such as delete or move to entire sets of search results!
  • Search page improvements. Webdam 2.6 introduces new search tips for a more user-friendly experience for your users.
  • And much more! To learn about these and the many other powerful features of Webdam 2.6, request a demo of Webdam.