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Now Available: Training Webinar for the New Webdam Experience

by Leigh Ann Ledford in Brand Management, Digital Asset Management, Events, Webdam Updates

If you weren’t able to make the live training webinar, the recording is now available to our DAM community. This training covers the exciting new functionality and feature enhancements that we just rolled out. Learn how to utilize all of the new innovations that are guaranteed to save you time and money.  The sleek new user interface has been  optimized for an effortless and efficient user experience. When you try it out, you’ll see what we’re talking about.  Below you will find the full training webinar along with questions and answers asked during the webinar.  If you have any additional questions, shoot us an email at Enjoy the training!

Training Webinar

Note: You need to be a Webdam customer or member of to view this video.  If you are neither, you can request an invite here.

Webinar Questions and Answers

Q: With this release, what will end users see in gallery mode?

The view in gallery mode remains the same for your end users.

This release has been rolled out as a beta, meaning that it can be enabled or disabled as needed. When you enable the beta, it is for your view only – you are not enabling it for all users. All admins and contributors have the ability to enable or disable for their individual view too.  This gives Webdam admins and contributors the ability to try out the New Webdam Experience and provide feedback that is being actively evaluated by our product team for future enhancements.

Q: When will this be available in gallery mode?

With the new Webdam Experience, gallery mode is now called the Brand Portal. Your end users will see no changes in the Brand Portal. However, new functionality will be rolled into the Brand Portal in the 2nd quarter.

Q: How can I disable and re-enable The Beta?

To disable beta:  Simply click on “Exit Beta” in the top right of the application. This will return you to the traditional Admin Dashboard.

To re-enable beta: From the traditional Admin Dashboard, click on “Try Beta!” in the top navigation. Once enabled, whenever you login, you will be in the beta. You can exit the beta anytime by just clicking on  “Exit Beta” in the top navigation.

Q: Is the search using the AND operator or the OR operator across the different fields?

When you are searching across the different fields, the system is using the AND operator. You can control the operator when entering terms into the Search Terms box. Simply type the appropriate operator in between the terms. For example, to search for brand or marketing, enter brand or marketing in the search terms field.  If using the Keyword Taxonomy, there is a selection tool for inserting the AND or the OR operator between the terms selected from the taxonomy.

Using the OR operator will broaden your search and using the AND operator will narrow your search.

Q: Can you copy assets and put them in another folder?

Yes, from the Thumbnail View:

  1. Click on the Edit icon in the top right corner of the asset (The Edit icon resembles a pencil).
  2. Next, select “Duplicate”
  3. The asset will be duplicated in the current folder.
  4. You can then move the asset into your desired location using drag and drop..

Q: How do you batch change or batch edit metadata after uploading?

  1. From the Thumbnail View, hold down CNTL (PC) or CMD (Mac) and select the desired assets one by one. Or to select a range of assets, select the first asset and hold down SHIFT and then select the last asset. All assets in between will automatically be selected.
  2. Click on the Menu in the Top Navigation Panel and choose Edit Metadata.
  3. The metadata shown in the Edit Metadata popup will be for the first asset selected. To view metadata for another asset, click on the desired asset displayed in the Metadata popup.
  4. Make your changes to any fields and place a checkmark under Apply to All to apply the edited metadata to all assets.
  5. If you set the Append/Replace toggle to Replace, you will overwrite existing metadata for the field you are editing. If you set the toggle to Append, you will just add metadata to the existing metadata in the field you are editing.
  6. Click Save when finished.

For screenshot examples of these steps you can visit the New Webdam documentation in

Q: How do you do FTP uploads in beta?

Currently, uploading assets via FTP can only be done outside of beta.  Just select “Exit beta” and continue to use the FTP uploader you’re familiar with.  For more details on using FTP to upload assets, check out  “How to Upload Assets – FTP”.  Anything uploaded into the traditional Webdam will be always available in beta.

Q: What is the difference between active and inactive assets and why can you still see them when they are inactive?

When you deactivate an asset, the asset will no longer be viewable in the Brand Portal (formerly known as gallery mode). From the Admin side, if you have the appropriate permissions, the asset will be viewable but with an inactive status icon displayed next to it.

Q: Does sorting in the beta change the sort order in Brand Portal (gallery mode)?

In the beta, the sort order does not affect how users are seeing assets in the Brand Portal.  Changing sort order is your personal configuration. It will not impact other users in the Brand Portal or Admin Side.

Q: Can you configure the search to incorporate customized metadata fields? If so, how is this done?

The metadata fields that appear in the Advanced Search are dependent on your Metadata Schema configuration. In the beta, you can easily navigate to the metadata schema page by going to “Settings” in the top right menu bar. The “Metadata schema” page is the second selection from the top.  You can manage metadata here and all changes will be reflected in both the traditional and beta versions of Webdam.

Q: Have there been any changes or additions to the ability to run reports on metadata?

In the beta, conducting audits of your metadata has been made much simpler with all of the advanced search options.  Creating reports on metadata has not been changed with this release, but we would love for you to provide feedback on what reports you would like to run in the future.

Q: What does activating a lightbox do in the system?

Lightboxes are typically used when creating your own personal workspace or collaborating with other team members, third-party clients, or vendors.  When you add assets to a lightbox, they are automatically placed in the current active lightbox.

In the bottom left corner of your browser you will find your lightbox toolbar.  You can see which lightbox is activated by viewing the name in the toolbar.  From the toolbar you can also change which lighbox is active by placing your cursor over the desired lightbox and selecting the icon “Switch to active lightbox”.

Q: Can I import embedded metadata and taxonomy from other applications like Adobe Lightroom?  

If you have applied metadata in Lightroom or another application that writes to the IPTC/XMP schemas, the metadata will be automatically import to Webdam.

If you have a keyword taxonomy setup in another application such as Lightroom or Bridge, you can also export that keyword taxonomy, and import it into Webdam. This is done through your Global Preferences, on the Assets tab.

To download an example file or get step-by-step instructions to edit or create your keyword taxonomy within Webdam visit the Keyword Taxonomy page in

Q: How do you want us to provide feedback?

Please submit any feedback on the New Webdam Experience by emailing

If you do not see your question here you can it is probably find it answered in the New Webdam Experience FAQs on