Blog | March 31, 2015

Twitter Roundup: Top Tweets on Brand Management

by Emilie Doolittle in Brand Management

On social media, brands compete with everything from trending celebrity tweets to viral cat videos. In a digital world that’s practically saturated with content, what does it take to make a brand stand out?

For the month of March, we set out to discover some of the top tips on brand management. We ventured into the deep waters of Twitter, and naturally, some of the best tweets that surfaced used images to catch our attention—no wonder tweets with images get 150% more retweets. Some of the most effective brands use powerful visuals across all touchpoints. To highlight some of those modern brands, we decided to share some of the most informative tweets that incorporated visuals as well. So check out the tweets below and feel free to retweet.

Starting with Graphic Design Blender, the blog founder Preston D Lee showed us the 55+ questions designers should ask before creating a logo. These questions are the building blocks that lead to better questions, and will help designers understand a brand’s meaning overall.


Jon Acuff, Author of “Do Over,” and Infusionsoft explain how to make a brand stand out with 3 C’s of branding: clarity, to eliminate vagueness; consistency, to inspire confidence; and commitment, to stay focused on long-term effects.


Unmetric’s display of some of the best Facebook cover photos is the perfect place to look for inspiration, especially if your brand’s Facebook page needs a refresh.


For brands, “About Us” pages are often the most visited pages on a website. CEO Ben Austin, from Absolute Digital Media, and Moz teamed up to share tips on how to make an “About Us” page that works for your brand.


While typography is often overlooked as many brands use standardized Sans Serif typefaces, Lippincott’s Rodney Abbot and CreativeBloq make the case for using typefaces to set your brand apart and develop a distinct personality.

Leah Betancourt, from Business2Community, joined NewsCred to share something we truly believe at Webdam: storytelling can boost your brand. From weaving a narrative into your brand’s messaging to taking an episodic approach, Leah gives us key insights into what it takes to tell your brand’s story.