Blog | October 10, 2016

How to Have a Top-Notch Campaign Like Elmer’s

by Trey Clark in Content Marketing

It’s a back-to-school or holiday promotion. It’s a release of a new flavor, new color or new package. It’s only available in the U.S. and Europe, or only in certain parts of the U.S.

Whatever “it” is, it will require swift distribution of brand materials. Lots of them: product photos, packaging images, marketing assets, corporate identity assets. You need to get the right materials to the right retailers at the right time. And your partners need to easily access the right assets and use them the right way.

You need to set your brand free, but it can’t be a free-for-all. The last thing you want to see on a retailer’s site is the latest image of your product with last season’s copy. Or an in-store promo with an outdated version of your logo plastered all over thousands of stores. So control over your brand and creative assets – and who has access to them – is paramount.

Then again, you don’t want to be so controlling that your brand retreats into its shell. The fear of misrepresentation can really slow you down as you check and re-check who was sent what and when and review whether it’s in accordance with brand guidelines. You can’t live in fear of losing control of your brand when you should be promoting it.

Elmer’s – the sticky company with the iconic orange caps and Elsie the cow – needed a better way to keep its thousands of retailers on the same promotional page. At one point the company was emailing creative asset and messaging updates to its network of retailers. That’s a lot of slow, manual work and way too much opportunity to make brand mistakes.

Mistakes aren’t as much of a concern anymore. Elmer’s uses a cloud-based brand portal to update its branding, promotions and campaigns, making it easy for its partner retailers to get exactly what they need right when they need it. Even better, Elmer’s can set rules and permissions on each asset that only allow access to specific partners – so the company can rest easy knowing that the right content is used in the right place by the right people. No chance of a promotion for one retailer chain getting mixed up with another.


This new strategy pays off in more ways than speed and on-point branding. Elmer’s finds that it’s even more likely to be featured first in all the back-to-school collateral for big box retailers because its updated product shots are so easy to access.

Not everyone has a brand as iconic as Elmer’s, but whether you’re preparing for Halloween, Oktoberfest or Black Friday, you’ll want your campaigns to execute flawlessly so everyone can celebrate.