Blog | January 7, 2015

Top Marketing Campaigns from 2014

by Emilie Doolittle in Content Marketing

From remarkable cause-marketing campaigns to trending buzzwords and hashtags, 2014 was chock-full of unforgettable marketing moments.
Here are some noteworthy ones:

Most Memorable Marketing Campaign

The Ice Bucket Challenge – A.K.A. the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – was a great example of a cause that took social media channels by storm. Within two weeks, we watched everyone, from our friends to celebrities, pour a bucket of ice water on their heads, and then nominate their peers to take the challenge.

As a result, the ALS Association received $41.8 million in donations, compared to the $2.1 million they received during the same period in 2013.

For a quick flashback, here are 40 of the best Ice Bucket Challenges, compiled by The Telegraph:

Pinterest Page Piques Interest

From the Factory Floor – GE took “a look at the people who make GE Work.” This Pinterest board demonstrated great branding, from color consistency and catchy captions to the heart of their brand: their people and innovation. While Pinterest is generally used by retailers to engage women ages 18-34, GE showed how any brand can leverage Pinterest to grab the attention of their audience. The board rapidly grew to have over 15,000 followers, and received an award from Content Marketing Institute’s 2014 Content Marketing Awards.


Most Relevant Ad

Nike Football: Winner Stays — Nike’s video, starring famous soccer players including Ronaldo and Nymar Jr., grabbed attention from fans during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. The timely video received over 100 million views on YouTube and appealed to fans in just the right way. It touched upon their childhood love for the game, matched with their favorite players.

Marketing Buzzword of the Year

Content Marketing – Marketers spent $118 billion on “content marketing” last year. It’s no surprise, with customers making 57% of a typical purchase decision before even contacting a supplier. In 2014, brands realized how imperative it is to create and distribute remarkable content to meet their customers’ needs.


Best Slide on SlideShare

The Hook – How to Start a Great Presentation – Gavin McMahon, from the fassforward Consulting Group, looked at TED Talks to find the trick for starting a great presentation: the hook that gets audiences to suddenly listen and anticipate what’s coming next. SlideShare also promoted the slide and corresponding blog post as one of SlideShare’s top blog posts for 2014.

Self-Marketing Trend

The selfie – Sometimes vain and annoying, sometimes funny and entertaining – selfies showed up even more on our social media channels. The “#Selfie” song came out. Ellen DeGeneres broke Twitter with her selfie from the Oscars, which managed to squeeze every well-known celebrity’s face into the picture. And, well, folks took a whole lot of selfies to promote their business and their personal brand.

Marketing selfies