Blog | September 21, 2011

Top 5 Ways Digital Asset Management Saves Money

by Melissa Kelly in Digital Asset Management

If you’ve ever wondered why digital asset management (DAM) is gaining a lot of momentum in organizations across all verticals, well, you’re not alone. The topic is surely one of the most pondered queries in the world, next to world peace, ending hunger, and Dancing With The Stars.

Ok, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Still, DAM is an important topic to businesses here and abroad, and there’s a good reason for that: DAM systems free up time from doing daunting tasks and allow for an organized structure, freeing users to be more efficient and creative. As competition increases within industry, organizational efficiency is becoming more and more critical.

Can a DAM system really give you the best bang for your buck? Read on to discover why you’re actually wasting precious time and money without a DAM.

Save Time

In business, time is money. That age-old wisdom is applicable as much to the folks running a general store in the Old West as it is today. With digital assets organized in a centralized repository, searchable with metadata, locating your desired asset is as simple as typing a keyword and clicking search.  Once you easily find that digital asset, you can focus more of your time on that all-important creativity.

Avoid Hardware Costs

DAMs are fantastic systems, and they’re even better when you don’t have to worry about server space, hardware, or updates that create a hassle and drain your pocketbook. When your digital asset management software is in the cloud, you get all of that and more. A reputable cloud DAM provider will handle all of the behind the scenes details – including security – while allowing for easy scalability with almost no maintenance. In the cloud, your DAM is maintained for you, so all you have to worry about is managing your digital assets.

Repurpose, Don’t Recreate

A wise corporate blogger once said “In business, time is money.” That can apply to many different areas, but any smart businessperson knows that you don’t start from scratch when something good already exists. For DAM systems, that means having quick access to your media catalog to repurpose past brilliance rather than creating new ones, streamlining work flows and reducing deadline headaches. Don’t let your digital assets be one-hit wonders; with a DAM system, everything is available and ready to use. Money spent recreating assets is money wasted; think green and re-use, recycle, and re-purpose your digital assets.

Prevent Copyright Fees

Picture this: under a tight deadline, you’ve finally located the perfect image and stuck it into a brochure for an email marketing campaign. All is right in the world…until you discover the photo’s usage rights have expired. This opens up an avalanche of problems. First, the rightsholder may threaten to press charges or even worse, file a lawsuit.  The whole campaign needs to be recalled – if the brochures were already printed, sealed, and prepped for mailing, they can’t leave the building.  Then the whole campaign has to be redone, costing more than twice the amount it was originally, plus all of the legal fees involved. And on top of that, the legal department will hate you (or at the very least, talk about you behind your back). Violating copyright laws is not an easy fix, but a good DAM system can monitor rights to keep track of copyrights, permission usages, and more for each asset.

Improve Workflows

Digital workflow can be facilitated by digital asset management.  Centralized assets allow universal access – people throughout the world can work together to produce, approve and share creative collateral.  With a DAM, production times are reduced and teams can iterate faster and more efficiently.  It just might be time to buy a new comfy couch for the office because you’ll finally be able to relax and really let your creativity flow.

Save money and increase team efficiency. Dedicate more time to quality work, sidestep costs and fees from hardware and legal, and don’t settle for a “doable” version of an amazing vision.  Your team will finally have the time and resources to be limitless, all thanks to the simple idea of using a DAM system.