Blog | March 2, 2011

Top 5 Copyright Resources

by Melissa Kelly in Digital Asset Management

Copyright protection is key in order to secure your assets.  This includes anything you can create like a photograph, written document, computer program, etc.  Today in the digital world, it is a lot easier to commit copyright crimes.  So easy in fact, people even do it by accident without proper digital rights management.  To help ensure that you don’t unintentionally steal anyone else’s copyrighted material and to prevent others from copyright theft of your valuable property- take a look at our top picks for copyright resources.

US Copyright Office Frequently Asked Questions

Straight from the US Copyright Office you can get many of your copyright questions answered.  The most frequently asked questions have been listed and organized into different categories for easier navigation and you can get all your answers with just one click.

ASMP How to Register for Copyright Protection

The American Society of Media Photographers does a really good job outlining how to register for copyright protection specifically for digital images.  “Best Practices for Registering” goes through each step of what needs to be done before publication in order to fully utilize copyright laws.

SAA Photo Metadata Project

In order to protect copyrights photo metadata is very important to maintain and understand.  The Stock Artists Alliance in partnership with the Library of Congress created a site to promote the use of standardized photo metadata.  Become “meta-smart” and make your copyrights stick. (Also featured in Top 5 Metadata Resources where you can get more metadata information.)

Plagiarism Today

Anything that can be copyrighted can also be plagiarized and in case you come across an instance where you see your work being misused, Plagiarism Today covers what you should do.  This site does a great job providing information about finding instances of plagiarism and how to report it, all with the goal of stopping internet plagiarism.


This free tool is a reverse search engine that allows you to submit an image and get results that show where copies can be found, how they are being used, copies that have been modified, and more.  Upload a picture to find its original source, to see if you can use it, or if other people are using your images without your permission

Being organized is the key to keeping track of all the copyrights and licensing terms attached to acquired images, files, or documents.  A digital asset management solution makes metadata easily accessible for referencing usage rights and gaining control of your digital rights management.  Contact us with copyright questions and how a DAM solution can help your business stay above the law while keeping your assets safe.