Blog | November 10, 2015

Three Proven Ways to Get People Using Your DAM

by Trey Clark in Digital Asset Management

A DAM can solve some major creative workflow problems. It frees up server space, takes some of the weight off your overworked IT team and, most importantly, makes finding, distributing and replacing your assets infinitely easier.

Assuming, of course, that people actually use it.

DAM can be super simple and incredibly helpful, but people need to actually try it out to realize its benefits. And with all the work, travel, email and project management platforms people juggle every day, there’s a decent chance they won’t make your company’s shiny new toy a priority.

How to turn the tide toward your DAM? Communicate effectively – and that means consistently delivering messages that hit home.

Check out these DAM engagement strategies that have worked well for some of our customers:

Stoke enthusiasm for the launch.

You can tell people about a new technology, but unless they see a personal benefit, few will actually use it. Communicate what’s “in it for them” early on.

So let users know how much simpler the creative workflow will be with DAM. No more requesting assets by email or sifting through countless folders and file names. Everything is stored centrally, up to date and ready to download. Kiss the days of frustration and waiting around goodbye.

Looking through file folders

Do the launch right.

Now that your team is excited for DAM, it’s time to follow through. Here are some pro tips to help you and your team get value from the beginning:

  • Be sure they have everything they need to access the new system.
  • Create a FAQ sheet with key questions and contact information.
  • Identify the key features people will 

(One easy way to get people using those key features? Hold a contest. First five people to use it get some kind of reward or, to ensure some actual effort, the five people to use the feature best in the first week get a reward.)

And don’t just email all that useful stuff – put it in the DAM. It’s a great first step towards getting people comfortable and accustomed.


Continue the conversation.

A DAM evangelist’s work is never done.

One fantastic way to keep up the conversation? Ask for feedback. What’s working, what’s not, what could be better. Sending out a survey keeps DAM top of mind and returns legitimate user opinions you can employ to improve your DAM.