Blog | February 23, 2012

The Best Digital Asset Management Solution — Webdam is the only DAM company with a 97%+ Customer Retention Rate.

by rselvey in Webdam Updates

Webdam, the leader in web-based digital asset management, is proud to reveal having the all-time highest customer renewal rate in DAM, over the past year. Some just look at DAM sales growth as a sense of accomplishment in SaaS. Already having great sales growth, we take much more pleasure in achieving the best customer retention. Keeping in touch with our customers, appreciating your love-letters, creating road maps and innovations from your feedback, and being part of your DAM experience continues to be what excites us —thrilled to come to work each day in Silicon Valley, CA with our coffee brewing hot and tasty.

Admittedly, we’re guilty for bragging about our excellent and personalized service, dedicated support team, and feedback-driven approach to innovation. But we are DAM geeks and excited. After running extensive reports for the past year, we are excited to report a record breaking customer retention rate of over 97%. This is unheard of for enterprise technology — even more unheard of in markets like high-tech, software, higher education, and non-profit.

Best Digital Asset Management

While some companies say they have excellent customer service and will make their customers feel important — they can’t ever provide numbers that prove they have the best digital asset management solution and customer experience.  Soon after a signature with money in hand, all the hospitality and appearance of “Service” in “Software-as-a-Service” can disappear. Not with Webdam. For us, that’s when it starts and grows. Our record-leading 97%+ customer retention validates this.

We credit our record customer retention rate to our proven customer-centric focus. In this industry, having a cutting-edge digital asset management solution is not enough. Our customer-centric focus supports the amazing ROI achieved with Digital Asset Management, related to time savings, brand consistency, asset reuse, marketing workflow automation, and solving tons of problems with marketing media searching, sharing, control, and security.  And the speed of our system and intelligent features of course helps. So, are we bragging? Maybe just a little. Maybe a lot. But, our support and development team work hard and deserve the recognition. And our customers deserve attention too.

When people ask what is digital asset management and what are the ROI benefits, our DAM team is always here to help in any way we can. We have an extensive list of benefits, examples of use cases, and recommendations of proven best practices. This is why we call our support team, Customer Success Managers. Their job is to make the customer succeed and look like a hero in their organization, not just “manage accounts”. We always love feedback as well — the primary ingredient in creating the best digital asset management solution.

“Gathering constant customer feedback is essential for us to keep growing and providing additional DAM tools and resources to stay on track with what our customers and target audience needs,” says Jody Vandergriff, VP of Marketing and Sales.  “Our customer success team does a fantastic job helping new customers transition while still listening to the praises and concerns from current and expert Webdam users.”

March is going to be a big customer centric month with something big coming up.  To give you a tiny hint all I’m going to say is, “We are listening and ensure you achieve DAM success.”