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DAM Mondays: Digital asset management tip #32

In case you didn’t hear about our exciting news, we had a huge release that enables you to seamlessly integrate your WebDAM with all of your other business apps.  Want to hear more about it, read today’s DAM Mondays digital asset management tip… Tip #32 Many cloud based platforms have... Read More

Integration in the Cloud: Finding Smarter Ways to do Business

Traditional business software is complex.  Really, really complex.  Not only do organizations get locked in to difficult implementations, requiring huge investment, hard-to-reach ROI, but they also force the expensive software to do things it wasn’t designed to do. Take SAP, for instance. SAP provides a suite of business... Read More

Top 10 Web APIs — Bridging Today’s Technology

With the explosion of application programming interfaces (APIs), the web has become an intermingling of technology, as if all your favorite applications got together at a speed-dating event.  Using web APIs, including WebDAM’s Rest API programmers can now mingle the capabilities of multiple applications together. By doing such, they eliminate... Read More

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