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The Seven Wonders of User Adoption

Every day, executives across the globe purchase new technology that promises more speed, improved performance, increased output, cost savings and general betterness. Whether it’s a lightweight mobile app or a robust ERP implementation, these new technologies are introduced with great expectations that often go unfulfilled. That’s because 75%* of new... Read More

Juniper Networks: DAM Good Lessons on User Adoption

Every day a new technology is introduced with the promise of Speed! Performance! General betterness! Whether it’s a lightweight app to pre-order lunch, a robust CRM platform like Salesforce or a brand-empowering digital asset management platform, these solutions are created to improve performance and drive business results. But the... Read More

DAM Mondays: Digital asset management tip #74

When expanding your DAM to an entire organization make sure you keep the objective of your DAM clear from the start. Tip #74 Get a complete view of who, how, and what the DAM will be used for by meeting with your key stakeholders, members in different organizational roles, DAM... Read More

DAM Mondays: Digital asset management tip #70

We’ve rolled 3 user adoption tips into this 1 DAM tip.  Follow this tip and be sure to see an increase in DAM user adoption. Tip #70 Increase user adoption by having a DAM that is easy to use, helping those that are resistant to change, and making sure your... Read More

DAM Mondays: Digital asset management tip #53

Monitor how effective your digital asset management efforts are by measuring this key indicator. Tip #53 User adoption is the number one best indicator of the overall success of a DAM solution.

Read More

DAM Mondays: Digital asset management tip #33

After Super Bowl Sunday, I bet you’re thinking, “What is there to watch now that football season is over?!”  For your viewing pleasure, this week’s tip features our most popular and raved about digital asset management resource.  Improve your DAM knowledge… Tip #33 Watch The DAM Primer Webinars and learn... Read More

Feature in Focus: Creating DAM Communication with Custom Pages

Whether you are in the process of implementing a DAM or have had a digital asset management system in place for some time, communicating information, to both seasoned and new users, is an important undertaking. WebDAM has all of the tools you need built right into the system for both... Read More

Top 5 Digital Asset Management User Adoption Metrics

User adoption is a key factor for digital asset management success.  In fact, a DAM is only as useful as its users. Administrators could have the perfect folder structure, a superb controlled vocabulary and keywording system, the best metadata strategy around…but without users, all that amazing organizing goes to waste. ... Read More

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