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Halloween Edition: 4 Scary Brand Fails on Twitter

Being a brand on Twitter can feel a lot like being in a classic slasher movie. (It’s Halloween, just go with it!) Things start on a high note. Your tweets are compelling, show character and draw people into your feed. But, before long, someone on your social media team wanders... Read More

How to Avoid #NationalCoffeeDay Campaign Jitters

Drip it, press it, cold-brew it: coffee is the preferred means of combating the yawns all over the world. And, just in case you’re behind on your trending topics, 20+ countries are celebrating #NationalCoffeeDay today. (Another 10 countries recognize coffee on a different day.) Naturally, many coffee brands are gearing... Read More

Click, post, done: WebDAM plug-in for Hootsuite

Content with relevant images gets 94% more views. Social media posts accompanied by an image are 10 times more likely to receive engagement. People retain 65% of what they hear when it’s paired with a relevant image compared to just 10% without the image. Want your content to get attention,... Read More

Part 2: The Right Medium for the Right Message

Welcome to part two of The Right Medium for the Right Message. In part one, we talked about the massive changes in the marketing landscape between the broadcast era and our current digital era, then doled out three tips for honing in on your message so you can speak clearly to your audience.... Read More

The Social Customer – A 360 Degree View

Since the rise of the social customer, there has been a dramatic increase of available information about customer behavior. According to 2013 statistics, 6 out of 10 Americans have a profile on at least one social networking site — Wow!  Amazingly enough, according to Edison Research, the stat jumps to 3 out... Read More

Protect Your Company’s Reputation with Social Media & Brand Management

Your brand is an extension of your organization’s reputation — successes, failures, evolution, and groundbreaking moments. Because of that, managing your online brand is critical to marketing, and the lightning pace of social media has changed the branding game. A strong reputation reinforces positive branding; on the flip side, marketing... Read More

5 Marketing Tips Inspired by Olympians

Just because the 2012 Summer Olympics are over, it doesn’t mean we can’t turn to our favorite Olympians for inspiration with marketing and brand management. In fact, there are great marketing strategies to take away from these world-renowned athletes which can be applied to enterprise marketing departments. Here are some... Read More

Top 5 Business Apps for DAM Integration

In 2011, innovative companies invested heavily into business app integration. And, we have noticed that industry analysts have put out a spate of studies, 2012 market predictions and technology forecasts all about the growing importance of business app integration. This is, of course, exactly what Digital Asset Management (DAM) customers... Read More

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