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Make a DAM Decision

Digital asset management (DAM) systems are becoming a key part of marketing operations infrastructure. As marketing organizations work to keep pace with digital lifestyles, their communication programs have to move faster and connect to more and more channels. The typical marketing organization is now churning out assets at an unprecedented... Read More

The Battle Between Cloud & On-Premise: 5 Things to Consider

Each day, I speak to dozens of IT & Marketing professionals who share their preferences, strategies, and opinions around cloud solutions vs on-premise solutions.  For others who are still a bit cloudy about the differences between cloud vs. on-premise (aka, installed on your servers) software, I’ve compiled these lessons-learned and... Read More

DAM Tweet Jam—The Evolution of Digital Asset Management

Now more than ever, digital asset management is focusing on the service part of Software-as-a-Service.  Of course it’s important to have incredibly built software behind your DAM, but the solution that stands out is the one that revolves around the customer experience.  This is a great point of discussion… Presenting... Read More

Box Teams up with WebDAM – Bringing Digital Asset Management to the Enterprise

Seamless integration is a key for usability, customer success, and cutting-edge digital asset management. Your team is likely to be working with completely different departments, divisions, organizations, and external teams in a variety of organizations. Working efficiently is not always easy when working with so many outside collaborators, especially when... Read More

Top 5 Ways Digital Asset Management Saves Money

If you’ve ever wondered why digital asset management (DAM) is gaining a lot of momentum in organizations across all verticals, well, you’re not alone. The topic is surely one of the most pondered queries in the world, next to world peace, ending hunger, and Dancing With The Stars. Ok, so... Read More

Security in the Cloud

When we talk about security in the cloud, what do we really mean?  Are we referring to a friendly security officer keeping watch over the data?  Or are we referring to protection against hackers on the web?  Or is it security at the application-level, such as user accounts with unique... Read More

Scalability in the Cloud

It’s probably not surprising that I wind up in many discussions with marketing professionals looking to implement digital asset management systems. However, I’m always surprised when I get asked, “Is it scalable?” This is one of the most common questions I get, and — coming from a technical... Read More

What’s the DAM meaning?

DAM & CMS acronyms can get overwhelming, so we’ve created a list of the most popular ones.     CMS Content Management System A system used for organizing, managing and editing digital content. DAM Digital Asset Management DAM provides an easy way for users to centralize, track, manage, share, &... Read More

The True Cost of (Reliable) Storage

Without data, business comes to a standstill. No reports, no communication, no records – and thus, no revenue. That places a big spotlight on the importance of data storage, and today’s organizations have options for data storage, ranging from in-house hard drives and servers to a cloud solution. But can... Read More

SaaS vs. Hosted, Part 2: The User Experience

In one of our previous posts, we looked at some of the technical differences between a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and a hosted solution for an application. Of course, the real world involves much more than just network architecture and software design. In this post, we’ll continue to compare differences between... Read More

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