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DAM Mondays: Digital asset management tip #37

Here’s a great tip for digital asset management that will save you a boatload of time especially when you’re consumed in a certain project or campaign and you need things done immediately. Tip #37 Need an asset for a brochure, web banner, or magazine? Avoid spending time reviewing files that... Read More

DAM Mondays: Digital asset management tip #30

Happy MLK Day!  Begin this week with a digital asset management dream to fulfill all your image requests easily with today’s DAM Mondays tip. Tip #30

Use the Request Manager to manage the many requests for images and brand assets that you receive.  Approve or deny access... Read More

DAM Mondays: Digital asset management tip #2

Technically it’s not a Monday, but coming back from the holiday weekend, this Tuesday sure feels like a Monday.  So we’re going to give you another DAM Mondays tip anyway, as a little pick-me-up to start out this short week. Tip #2 Ensure users are abiding by your image usage... Read More

Feature in Focus: Administration…In Batch!

Tight deadlines and the constant demand for quicker results in shorter time frames are realities in today’s all-digital business world. WebDAM has an arsenal of tools available to help companies meet these needs, delivering DAM results quickly and accurately. The search tool in WebDAM is the go-to tool for system... Read More

What’s New in WebDAM: Upload Notifications

In a large organization with designers, photographers, publishers and marketers all accessing and uploading creative collateral daily, it can get overwhelming!  Upload Notifications are here to help! With this new time-saving feature, system administrators receive an email daily letting them know that new assets have been uploaded into WebDAM. No... Read More

Breaking Down DAM (Digital Asset Management) Distribution

Partners, distributors, media outlets, web producers, ad agencies, publishers—all of those groups depend on your digital media every day.  How do you manage these needs? Surprisingly, many companies—both small and large—have no process in place to manage these requests, resulting in project delays and bottlenecks. This process is known as... Read More

Feature in Focus: Lightbox

Allow me to show you the Lightbox! Lightboxes are the solution to so many distribution challenges, for several reasons, but most importantly, Lightboxes save you time! No more cumbersome downloading, burning images onto a CD, and overnighting disks that may not even be the ones the recipient was hoping for…... Read More

Case Study: WebDAM and The University of Washington Huskies

We are excited to announce our latest case study from the University of Washington which details how the Athletics department took control of their photos with WebDAM. Read More

5 Best FTP Clients

FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is commonly used by designers, photographers and other types of creatives to transfer large files between servers. Since WebDAM fully supports and provides FTP as a method of uploading to your online digital asset management system, I often get asked for my recommendations of other... Read More

Case Study: WebDAM and the American College of Rheumatology

Our new case study details how the ACR is utilizing WebDAM to power the foremost collection of rheumatology images. The new Rheumatology Image Bank expedites image request fulfillment through its 24/7 web access, granting journalists, teachers, and researchers the ability to instantly retrieve high-resolution imagery. Read more at: Read More

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