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WebDAM Recognized as an Emerging Player by Forrester

Marketers who explore digital asset management solutions can easily get lost in the jumbled market of legacy DAM vendors, recently recognized for having a lack of comprehensive vision. In fact, there are many companies providing solutions under the term digital asset management, aka DAM, that fall far from... Read More

Box Teams up with WebDAM – Bringing Digital Asset Management to the Enterprise

Seamless integration is a key for usability, customer success, and cutting-edge digital asset management. Your team is likely to be working with completely different departments, divisions, organizations, and external teams in a variety of organizations. Working efficiently is not always easy when working with so many outside collaborators, especially when... Read More

Top 5 Misconceptions about Cloud Computing

2011 is being hyped up as “The Year of the Cloud” but that hype comes with a lot of contradictory information. What’s true and what’s exaggeration? It’s time to take a few minutes to clear the air; let’s play mythbuster on some misconceptions about cloud computing. Myth 1: My information... Read More

Digital Asset Management for the Enterprise

As digital asset management is becoming more and more integral for corporate marketing teams, companies of all sizes are adopting DAM systems. With the explosion of digital content, the need for digital asset management goes beyond marketing and creative teams and can impact corporate-wide workflows. From content generation to delivery,... Read More

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