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Elmer’s Knows a Lot About Creating a Sticky Brand

There’s something special about companies that stand the test of time. Very few brands last a year, let alone 70. Elmer’s is one of those brands that people are really stuck on. As a heritage brand, you might think they would just “stick” with what they know. But their commitment... Read More

WebDAM Debuts Social Publishing Scheduler

The importance of social media as an effective marketing channel is undeniable. Companies are investing more resources into social marketing, with budgets projected to double in the next five years. Social networks are an important way for organizations to increase brand exposure, drive web traffic and gain valuable insights into... Read More

More Metadata Tricks – Streamline Asset Distribution with Custom Fields

WebDAM is home to a lot of digital assets, but they aren’t just sitting around. They have places to go and things to do, like be featured in amazing galleries of product images for websites like Amazon, Target and BestBuy. Wouldn’t it be great if you could include all the... Read More

Box Teams up with WebDAM – Bringing Digital Asset Management to the Enterprise

Seamless integration is a key for usability, customer success, and cutting-edge digital asset management. Your team is likely to be working with completely different departments, divisions, organizations, and external teams in a variety of organizations. Working efficiently is not always easy when working with so many outside collaborators, especially when... Read More

5 Tips to Integrate Your Digital Asset Management System

Most people aren’t aware of the available features that can be used for digital asset management integration.  However, it’s worth it to learn these features – when you take advantage of easy integration, you benefit with more visibility, increased user adoption, faster workflows, greater convenience, and much more. In short,... Read More

Why folder structure isn’t enough

I was talking with a prospect the other day and he was explaining why an FTP site with a folder structure of company photos, product shots and marketing collateral just ain’t cutting it anymore.  Like so many of the organizations we talk to everyday, this is the current state of... Read More

What’s New in WebDAM?

Our development team have been busy little beavers (get it, DAM, beavers?) working on powerful enhancements to the search and metadata capabilities of WebDAM – two of our most popular and useful features. We love the updates and we know you will too. Stop the Metadata Madness! Tired of entering... Read More

Jump on the DAM Bandwagon: Best Ways to Promote your WebDAM

You don’t need convincing – you’ve been enjoying all the advantages of WebDAM for some time. But sometimes, it’s not so easy to get everyone else to join in and get excited about digital asset management. Ok, so maybe DAM is not as exciting as the latest drama on the... Read More

Feature in Focus: Administration…In Batch!

Tight deadlines and the constant demand for quicker results in shorter time frames are realities in today’s all-digital business world. WebDAM has an arsenal of tools available to help companies meet these needs, delivering DAM results quickly and accurately. The search tool in WebDAM is the go-to tool for system... Read More

Feature in Focus: Lightbox

Allow me to show you the Lightbox! Lightboxes are the solution to so many distribution challenges, for several reasons, but most importantly, Lightboxes save you time! No more cumbersome downloading, burning images onto a CD, and overnighting disks that may not even be the ones the recipient was hoping for…... Read More

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