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Demystifying Digital Asset Management Jargon Pt. 2

It’s easy to see why today’s businesses deploy digital asset management software – it’s the best way for teams to manage large collections of rich media assets and keep teams connected with their important files, anytime, anywhere. But with lists of acronyms and industry jargon, certain DAM terminology isn’t quite... Read More

5 Steps for Successful Company-Wide DAM Adoption

Strong user adoption of your digital asset management software is crucial for your company’s success, but it’s not always a walk in the park. To address this challenge, CMSWire, a widely read industry blog, recently asked WebDAM CEO Jody Vandergriff to share her steps for achieving strong DAM adoption for your... Read More

Now Available: Webinar On New Intuitive Analytics, UI, WCMS & More!

Our latest webinar recording is now available!  Watch the webinar to get an insightful overview and training on the newest features in WebDAM.  Learn how to increase visibility in your DAM with new analytics, create custom pages with the new integrated Web CMS, automatically convert videos with the enhanced multimedia... Read More

DAM Mondays: Digital asset management tip #96

Make assets in your digital asset management system easy to find. Users will be more inclined to use a DAM that is constantly updated and organized. Tip #96 Remember that all metadata fields are searchable. When revising or creating your metadata strategies, think about how your users will search for... Read More

DAM Mondays: Digital asset management tip #95

Gain better control of how your brand assets are being used, and manage who can use them with role-based permissions. Tip #95 Easily control brand assets with role-based permissions. Make assets view-able to many people, and segment who can download using permissions.       Read More

DAM Mondays: Digital asset management tip #94

Make it easy for your users to find the most up-to-date assets for your organization. This DAM Tip covers version control in WebDAM. Learn to configure how it works in your WebDAM. Tip #94 Automatically create new versions of assets in your DAM. Use version control to make sure only... Read More

DAM Mondays: Digital asset management tip #93

Consolidate your assets and use Lightboxes as a collaboration space among team members and outside agencies. Tip #93 Use comments in Lightbox to make collaborating with team members easy. Just share your lightbox with desired users and add your comments to keep your assets and messages in one place.  ... Read More

DAM Mondays: Digital asset management tip #92

Digital asset management makes managing video and media easy. Tip #92 Preview, upload, download, & convert videos of any length. WebDAM makes video management simple.       Read More

DAM Mondays: Digital asset management tip #91

Use this digital asset management tip to save time converting video by configuring your most used settings. Tip #91 Create custom video download presets from a blank template or from preloaded templates for iPad, iPhone, and YouTube. Presets can be modified on several parameters such as size (width/height) video codec,... Read More

DAM Mondays: Digital asset management tip #90

If you have required metadata fields, be sure to use this digital asset management tip to regulate the information associated to assets. Tip #90 Use dropdown menus for important metadata fields to increase consistency, prevent typos, and capture more information for your assets.       Read More

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