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Demystifying Digital Asset Management Jargon Pt. 2

It’s easy to see why today’s businesses deploy digital asset management software – it’s the best way for teams to manage large collections of rich media assets and keep teams connected with their important files, anytime, anywhere. But with lists of acronyms and industry jargon, certain DAM terminology isn’t quite... Read More

DAM Mondays: Digital asset management tip #58

Keep track of digital rights in your DAM to help ensure you don’t become a copyright criminal. Tip #58 Protect yourself against accidental copyright infringement.  Enable email notifications before or upon expiration of a digital asset. See how to use asset expiration in WebDAM. Read More

DAM Mondays: Digital asset management tip #42

Take this digital asset management tip to make sure you’re protected against accidentally violating copyright laws. Tip #42 Use asset expiration in WebDAM to keep track of rights managed licenses for pictures and images. This allows you to save time by automatically deactivating expired assets and easily avoid copyright infringement. Read More

DAM Mondays: Digital asset management tip #29

Use our DAM Mondays tip to avoid getting into a mess your legal department has to clean up because of copyright confusion… Tip #29 Metadata isn’t just for search!  Leverage your metadata to track copyright and usage information. Read More

Top 5 ways digital asset management in the cloud protects your ASSets

If your digital asset management solution is not secured in the cloud, it’s susceptible to threats both online and in the real world. It’s essential to be proactive about security; after all, you earthquake-proof your home and stock water and emergency supplies in case of a disaster, right? Digital assets... Read More

Introducing Asset Expiration: Digital Asset Management for Rights Managed Images

It is no secret that marketing and communication teams often purchase images from stock websites such as Getty and Corbis.  But what may surprise you is that not all purchased images can be freely used.  Images are often purchased under a rights managed license which specifies how an image can... Read More

Feature in Focus: Click-on Agreement

In this month’s feature in focus, we will go over some of the benefits of using the click-on agreement feature. This tool can be useful for virtually any business using WebDAM for digital asset management. Even if internal users are the only ones downloading your assets, the click-on agreement can... Read More

The True Cost of Copyright Infringement

Picture this: your firm’s marketing department sends over a request for some stock images for use in an online campaign. With multiple demands coming your way, you quickly dig around in your digital archives, looking for the right image but failing to check the fine print — in this case,... Read More

Top 5 Copyright Resources

Copyright protection is key in order to secure your assets.  This includes anything you can create like a photograph, written document, computer program, etc.  Today in the digital world, it is a lot easier to commit copyright crimes.  So easy in fact, people even do it by accident without proper... Read More

Get Organized Today with DAM

It is a little known fact that “Getting Organized” is considered one of the ten most popular New Year’s Resolutions year after year. After all, an organized life promises to save time, improve focus, and reduce stress. Well, the same can be said for your digital assets. When organized, your... Read More

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