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The 7 Best Marketing and Brand Books

A few years ago we wrote a post about the top books for marketers. It was a really popular post, and it still gets a lot of pickup. And while those books are still good reads, an awful lot has changed since then. Marketers have done such a terrific... Read More

Publish or Perish, Pronto!

The more content and entertainment there is in the world, the scarcer people’s attention becomes. That’s the idea behind the Attention Economy. And based on the amount of content being created nowadays, attention is getting awfully scarce.

Just consider that every minute of every day*:  • Facebook users... Read More

Why Strong Content Creators are the Best Brand Asset

Today’s fast-paced and hyper-competitive marketing world demands high quality content. Strong authorship is one of the most important aspects of an effective content strategy. Audiences want a human connection to the content they consume, so having an author with a strong identity creates a tangible link between your brand and... Read More

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