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99 Channels and a Problem Ain’t 1

We can’t all churn out critically acclaimed anthem’s like Jay Z, but, as marketers, we should be able to produce hit campaigns.   Rapper or marketer, the key to producing a “billboard hit” is distribution. No matter how magical or genius a produced piece of content is, the bottom line... Read More

Why My Grandma Knows the Term “Cloud Computing”

How do you know when a company is ready to upgrade to a forward-thinking and well-adopted technology? It’s simple – when it’s gone from being an industry buzzword to something that even grandparents know about. I’m going to share why my Grandma now knows the term “cloud”. Sophisticated cloud technologies... Read More

The Battle Between Cloud & On-Premise: 5 Things to Consider

Each day, I speak to dozens of IT & Marketing professionals who share their preferences, strategies, and opinions around cloud solutions vs on-premise solutions.  For others who are still a bit cloudy about the differences between cloud vs. on-premise (aka, installed on your servers) software, I’ve compiled these lessons-learned and... Read More

80+ LearningRx Franchises Streamline Marketing Workflows with WebDAM!

We love seeing all of our customers succeed with WebDAM. In fact, we have an entire website devoted to DAM success with useful resources like user guides, video tutorials, forums, and even a place to share success stories. Our newest customer case study features LearningRx and their DAM story. They... Read More

WebDAM Breaks Records and Exceeds Goals this Year

WebDAM continues to exceed expectations and break records in the digital asset management industry! We are very proud to announce that in Q2 of 2012 we have surpassed our revenue goals and doubled our year-over-year sales. In addition, we’ve doubled our headcount here in Silicon Valley, making us an even... Read More

5 Ways to Make Your DAM ROI Sing

Like most things in life, the best way to maximize your success is with proper preparation and execution. Digital asset management may not be as commonplace as, say, cleaning the kitchen, but it’s still one of the most critical parts of running an organization – and the notion of smart... Read More

The True Cost of (Reliable) Storage

Without data, business comes to a standstill. No reports, no communication, no records – and thus, no revenue. That places a big spotlight on the importance of data storage, and today’s organizations have options for data storage, ranging from in-house hard drives and servers to a cloud solution. But can... Read More

You know your company needs a cloud DAM when…

Your digital files currently reside in drawers. You find yourself asking your colleague to pass the external drive. You find yourself asking your colleague to pass the external drive. Your electronic delivery method of choice is FedEx. Your policy on copyright is: If you can find it, you can use... Read More

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